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    Are you Disappointed in Nintendo?

    I think they're making some dumb business choices, but for my needs, I'm fine with what they're doing. I don't play handheld much, so I'm cool with a move to mobile. I have plenty of old games to play, and I love replaying stuff (plus I'm a broke high schooler), so I'm fine with a sparse release...
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    Bullshit Insider is giving you bad advice about your Wii U....

    Yeah, I'm keeping mine. I doubt NX will have a controller like the gamepad, and so wont be backwards compatible, and I dont wanna rebuy all the games I own if they do ports (and they might not port everything anyways). Selling it would be stupid for all sorts of reasons.
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    I'm leaving the Nintendo ship - PS/XB Tips and Appreciation

    Yeah, I got a PS3 as a second console last year and it's treating me well. I play my Wii U a ton more, but there are a LOT of amazing games on there, most of which I haven't played yet. I just started Kingdom Hearts and Dark Souls, and they're very promising. Get The Last of Us first thing; it's...
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    Is This the Last Chance for Movies Based on Games?

    Cliches are fine if they're executed perfectly and twisted enough to feel fresh. Which I'd argue TLOU did.
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    Is This the Last Chance for Movies Based on Games?

    All I have to say is that if they screw up the Last of Us movie, I will sue
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    TNE, when do you typically shower?

    It takes me forever to wake up without showering, so definitely morning. It's multi-tasking - getting clean, AND getting me mentally ready for whatever garbage I have to go do. I only shower at night when I can't sleep.
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    Favorite TV Show Intros and Themes

    Daredevil was just mentioned, so I won't repeat that. I will say Jessica Jones has an awesome one too. And the Expanse.... And Doctor Who is always classic. I also like how Better Call Saul does theirs with a different background each time. I'm sure there are more, but these come to...
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    Response. Three 3rd Party Companies the NX Needs Full Support From: "LOL"

    I mean, obviously they need support from more than what are listed. But Activision and 2k for Call of Duty and sports titles isn't narrow-minded, it's what (for the most part) consistently sells excellent. I do think there should have been more companies listed, but if Nintendo wants an audience...
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    ~~The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread~~

    ....Now I feel guilty, because Kiyota is the only one I didn't mention. And she did Satorl Marsh Night. So she can come back too. JUST BRING EVERYBODY BACK I LOVE THEM ALL
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    ~~The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread~~

    I would love to see Shimomura come back, and do more this time. Her doing the soundtrack is the main reason I want FF15, honestly. Sawano returning - yeah, for sure, I don't want him to do the whole thing. He can't do peaceful, and I don't like a LOT of his songs. That said, some of his stuff is...
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    ~~The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread~~

    I will say, if there's a third Xenoblade, I hope they don't stick with Xeno X's style of music. I think it'd be cool to see them go with different composers for each game. (Though I wouldn't say no to XC's composers coming back either :P )
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    ~~The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread~~

    I get that. Ultimately it wasn't just the fact that I didn't like the style or though it fit, though: I think it's a legitimately bad song. Like, I wanna turn it off whenever I hear it start. It makes me want to land as soon as possible. I think it's just a simple matter of differing taste...
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    ~~The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread~~

    I mean, if I had to step in dog shit and keep it there for several hours to get a better song for the flying theme in Xenoblade Chronicles X... yeah, I'd do that. Not even joking. :P
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    ~~The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread~~

    I think we disagree on whether "modern pop songs with techno sounds" is a good thing. :P