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    Nintendo's 3rd Party Troubles Are Good for Everyone

    Well once again you only see one side of the coin. Nintendo caused this to happen? Not entirely true, 3rd party developers have a BIG role in this too. 3rd parties and Nintendo, here we go for the umpteenth time. 3rd parties decisions to gimp, delay, not support or market their products cause...
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    Splatoon and Other Titles Came From the "Garage", More Titles Coming Soon

    I liked what I saw with Splatoon, but Project Guard looked like a shallow minigame, reminiscent of NintendoLand, with some tinkering Project Giant Robot could be fun, but again it looks like a minigame, as for StarFox, I'll have to see some video, the only StarFox game I've played is Adventures...
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    Nintendo's 3rd Party Troubles Are Their Own Fault

    What a biased, unprofessional, clickbait article. To entirely blame only Nintendo is a false accusation. Sure they don't go for the 400$ powerhouse console but why should that be what keeps them from getting 3rd party support. Why is it only Nintendo fans, should they wish to play 3rd party...
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    Nintendo's 3rd Party Troubles Are Their Own Fault

    Thank you, someone else understands what is going on, the real reason that 3rd party games don't sell well.
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    Myamoto Says Nintendo Focused on Core Gamers Again

    Less quantity = less games= more game droughts, because Nintendo can't get 3rd party support, they're actually leaving the company, something I've never even heard of happening before. If the company wasn't Nintendo, I'd be worried but they've always had to float their own boat.
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    Tezuka Says There Needs to be Course Sharing in Mario Maker

    There needs to be: A way for 2 people to play on the courses created. A free downloadable stage, for lack of a better word, shop where you can download other people's stages whether you're friends with them or not. Many art styles and enemies ranging across many games, from the Gameboys to...
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    Activision: "You Can't Count Nintendo Out For the Long Term"

    Says the company who is leaving nintendo out to dry. 3rd party companies are defeating themselves with bad decisions. How many times have I typed this? Their decisions to gimp the ports, not support the products with DLC, delay the product, not market, the list goes on. 3rd party games fail on...
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    Nintendo Takes Down Leaked Smash Bros Videos

    I wouldn't take what you saw in any context, they were likely fabricated videos.
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    Gamestop Positive About Future of Wii U

    Oh yeah? They have faith? That is why the WiiU merchandise is hidden in the back corner, while Sony & Microsoft get enire walls to showcase their merchandise. I brought this fact up at many GameSops and all the employeees do is sputter some nosnsense and look at me like I'm crazy
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    Insight Into Planning an Indie Game Kickstarter Campaign - Interview with the Hive Jump Team

    I'll be(e) keeping my eye out for this game, looks fun. If actual 3rd party studios don't think Nintendo is worth a damn there are 100's of indie developers that can replace and surpass them. They've made it clear they don't value us as customers as proven by the inferior products we're given or...
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    Nintendo Rants - Ubisoft: Don't Support Us? Wii won't support U

    Let me get this straight, 3rd party companies know their games aren't going to sell well? If that was the case why would they make the game to begin with, I think that if what you hypothesize is true then they should work extra hard to make their game succeed. You get out what you put in. More...
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    Stash: No Loot Left Behind Coming to Wii U, Kickstarter Campaign Currently Live

    Liking the look of this, and even better it's coming to the WiiU.
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    Cubemen 2 Allows for Wii U and PC Cross Platform Online Play

    More developers should do cross play
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    Nintendo Rants - Ubisoft: Don't Support Us? Wii won't support U

    3rd parties defeat themselves with their bad decsions, SirNintend0 summed up a lot of my convictions in the video. I am truly starting to think there is a conspiracy against Nintendo, why are 3rd party ports horrible for Nintendo but perfect for the competition? Surely there isn't THAT much of a...
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    Ubisoft: Wii U Owners Don't Buy Assassin's Creed; More Interested in Just Dance

    To all 3rd parties: You need to put in more effort and show you care about Nintendo and its fanbase. If you do this, then and only then will you see profit. No one likes getting screwed, and that is why Nintendo ownders don't trust 3rd parties, you screw us too much, without mutual satifaction...