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    NX Official Thread of Waiting - News, Rumors and Discussion

    I want to believe Nintendo can deliver with the hardware but this is Nintendo. At the moment the rumors seem like it's a good concept that falls flat from it's lack of power just like the Wii U.
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    The age ol' debate: FPS or graphics?

    Pretty simple for me, I prefer better graphics and locked 30 FPS is fine for me for most single player games. Fighters /action games and all online multiplayer games should be 60FPS.
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    Overwatch is the best game this generation

    Have put in about 120 hours so far. Looking forward to the upcoming changes such as no more stacking and sudden death. Mercy is one of my mains so I look forward to the buff as well.
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    Overwatch is the best game this generation

    This is coming from someone who does not play online multiplayer games..especially shooters. I can see my self playing this game for years.
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    Not much hype this year but I'm sure sony will deliver one way or another even if it's on a smaller scale.
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    Multi-Platform Community Thread

    So close to overwatch. After playing the beta I think it's possible it will be game of the generation.
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    I'm leaving the Nintendo ship - PS/XB Tips and Appreciation

    I am pretty disappointed in Nintendo but because spending 300 every 4-6 years is really nothing to me I will sadly always be a cuck for Nintendo and buy their consoles day 1 anyway. Hope you enjoy the PS3/PS4 if you shockingly missed out on the PS2 gen I would buy most remasters and download...
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    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - So much praise!

    It's going to be an amazing game that's all I can say. Hyped for Tuesday.
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    Are you Disappointed in Nintendo?

    Of course I am. 2016 PS4: Ratchet and Clank Dark Souls 3 Uncharted 4 Overwatch Doom TMNT No Man's Sky Paragon Star Ocean 5 Mirrors Edge Deus Ex Machina Mankind Divided Final Fantasy XV Persona 5 The Last Guardian Nier Automata Dishonored 2 Horizon Zero Dawn Gravity Rush 2 2016 Wii U...
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    ~~The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread~~

    I wish I enjoyed this game like everyone else. This was my most hyped game of my life time with me watching the original reveal trailer about 300 times. Problem, was I thought the game was going to be like Xenoblade Chronicles. I hated the story, the characters, the lack of explanation and high...
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    NX Official Thread of Waiting - News, Rumors and Discussion

    I do not understand all this talk about a PS4K because a 4K GPU currently cost more than the PS4 itself. It would be more expensive than the PS4 was at launch by a large margin. Running games that look like PS4 games in 4K is no small task. Even the latest GPU's like the 980ti just scrape by...
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    Final Fantasy XV Super Thread....

    Wow I remember this thread. Hopefully more people are excited for it now then when I made it in 2013. Oh yeah I ended up hating X in the end lmao, wish it was more like Chronicles.
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    NX Official Thread of Waiting - News, Rumors and Discussion

    Team 2016 wins again with the latest news.
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    Fire Emblem Fates

    Casual mode and the current art style is why I play fire emblem now. Haters gonna hate but I love awakening and fire emblem fates. Bought conquest on the eshop and was getting so invested in the Hoshidians that I purchased birthright at the decision screen! To think there is more to play with...