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    What Kind of Gamer are you?

    I guess this poll doesn't concern RPGs since most of the time you can't even choose the difficulty.
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    Monster Hunter Online I don't even know if this will change anything, but I'd definitely want MHO to get...
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    Anime Review - Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) - Season 1

    What if I tell you... that I've read Shingeki no Kyojin... before it was cool? They really made i big with this anime adaptation. Kinda piss me of how everyone is suddenly a big fan though (I'm happy for the author, but some people are just Belieber-like fanatics :D)
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    Japanese Games That I/You Really Wish Would Come to the U.S.

    So... was anyone here so dedicated to the Jap games he just kinda started learning Japanese like me? Would have never done that with out all these Region Release Mambo-Jambo
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    Hoenn Remake?

    I just hope they don't make a KANTO REMAKE TAKE 2 WITH EVEN MORE OF TEAM ROCKET.
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    I belong to the christmas generation... Seriously though most of the people just kinda downloaded it and left it there :D
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    Box Art Illustrator Greg Martin Passes Away

    May his soul be carried on by his game covers.
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    Another newbiew invited via Twitter here.People call me Dave and I'm a casual gamer sice the age of three. Owned and broke (due to age) numerous consoles like the NES, GB pocket, GB colour, gave GBA to my cousins. Currently I'm owning a Wii, PSP, Xbox360. Nope, I don't own any newsest gen...