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    PawByte - Ambitious, crazy and sometimes logical

    Hi! Thanks for your reply! Sadly I'm not able to join the program, but I will add your game in our list of upcoming games. Regards!
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    Magique Productions, Ltd.

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    PawByte - Ambitious, crazy and sometimes logical

    Hi! Is this game still in development? I'm sorry to ask but a lot of time happened. I'm making a video with all upcoming Wii U releases, so if you have new screenshots or footage of the game it would be awesome. Regards!
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    Magique Productions, Ltd.

    Hi Tommy! I'm currently working on a video featuring all upcoming Wii U games. Can I ask you screenshots or footage of all your upcoming games? I know two of your games are on Indie DB, but I wasn't able to download the video. I'm also sending you a private conversation so you are able to send...
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    So this happened...

    Just in case: this is just a joke. This was never intended to be taken seriously. There is already a podcast called Class Vs Crass for those who didn't know.
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    So this happened...

    So this happened.... So I present you the new podcast of Nintendo Enthusiast!
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    The Fall Wii U Review

    You play with a flashlight. The game looks darker in the pics.
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    Nintendo Takes Down Leaked Smash Bros Videos

    Well, most part of my opinion comes from actual screenshots and footage from trailers and the Direct. Considering this leak can be possibly true, due Nintendo usually ignore that stuff if it's fake... I suppose I will decide if I will get one or both versions on September, once it's released on...
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    Nintendo Takes Down Leaked Smash Bros Videos

    Well, I wanted to get both versions but the 3DS one feels like... Cheap would be the correct word? Well, I suppose the correct phrase would be "I don't like how it looks".
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    Nintendo Takes Down Leaked Smash Bros Videos

    Well... Now I'm considering to skip the 3DS version and just get the Wii U one. So far I didn't like what I saw from the handheld version.
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    Rumour: Leaked SSB Footage Reveals Several New Characters

    If the new leaked characters are legit, I will start to lose hype on the game.
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    What Character Do You Want In Smash Bros?

    I WANT GOKU! Without joking, I suppose Bayonetta or Isaac.
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    Hyrule Warriors Pushing Wii U Hardware/Software Sales in Japan

    I'm going to buy Bayonetta 2, but I don't have money for the other two... Will you help me?
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    Retro Studios Hiring Several New Positions

    Mmm... Retro Studios is a western studio, not a Japanese one, so doing the announcement on Niko Niko about a new project of the studio... It would be weird as hell. For the Pkm project, I suppose it will be a spin-off crossover game for the 3DS or the fighting game announced long time ago for...
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    Ubisoft: Wii U Owners Don't Buy Assassin's Creed; More Interested in Just Dance

    I actually bought ACIV Black Flag. The other one is just a bad port, so no thanks.