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    2019 Monday Night Call of Duty

    Black Ops 2 for tonight.
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    Third Parties: With me, or against me.....

    I really feel good about this thread, because I presented this theory long before Switch became a huge hit. My feelings on this haven't changed much, and I may be the most proud of this post, because it was written prior to the release of the Switch, and well before anyone knew just how...
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    2019 Monday Night Call of Duty

    Black Ops on Wii tonight at 9pm eastern time. Join us on the Game Witness channel on Discord if your game.
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    2019 Monday Night Call of Duty

    In a couple weeks, the plan is to play COD Ghost Extinction. Next week will probably be Black Ops 2. Might move next weeks COD night to Tuesday with Monday being the holiday.
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    2019 Monday Night Call of Duty

    @Karkashan did you make a post at IGN?
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    2019 Monday Night Call of Duty

    That's pretty neat though, those hacks allowed you to see just how much of the map was constantly being streamed in and out of memory.
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    2019 Monday Night Call of Duty

    MW Reflex, Black Ops, and MW3 were more akin to rebuilds than ports. I remember seeing some developer comments about the game running at a few frames per second when they first got it running. They perfected their craft over the years. MW3 is far superior to Reflex in terms of visuals. I...
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    2019 Monday Night Call of Duty

    Map layout is very good in MW, but as a new player to the game, it won't make learning the layouts any easier. Hit markers are a big step back from Black Ops and MW3 on Wii. No rumble or satisfying audio cues to let you know your landing shots. Made worse by sketch hit boxes. Visually its...
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    Nintendo Switch Spec Thread So it seems that Nintendo has been holding back, reserving a higher performance profile for some of their own first party games. It was previously believed...
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    2019 Monday Night Call of Duty

    For anyone who might be interested, a group of us have been reinjected with the Call of Duty disease. We have already played Call of Duty Black Ops on Wii, Call of Duty Ghost and Black Ops 2 on Wii U. Call of Duty Mondays will consist of playing games of the series on Wii and Wii U. If you...
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    Wii U / 3DS sales thread

    Everyone who is familiar with the bet Laer and I made years ago, I can officially confirm Laer has paid his debt. He is officially a man of his word, and I give him credit, a lot of people would not have honored a bet made years ago.
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    All The Things You Aren't Supposed to Talk About : Politics, Religion, & Money! && Grammar!!

    I'm starting to hate politics more than usual. When people are so eager to demonize anyone, including the youth of America to push a narrative, I am losing faith in the idea that compromise can be reached. The far left has decided it is alright to silence conservatives in any and all ways...
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    Point & Click recommendations please

    All the TellTale games are essentially point and click games. The Walking Dead Season 1 was very good.
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    Star Link Battle For Atlas should have been Star Fox

    From what I can gather, Star Link Battle For Atlas has completely bombed on PlayStation and Xbox One, and has done "ok" on Switch. Over 80% of sales in the UK were reported being on Switch. I have never seen the game trending on Amazons best selling videogame sales in the US, France, UK, or...
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    Nintendo Switch Spec Thread

    I feel like I gotta plug Crash N-Sane Trilogy on Switch real quick. The game is flat out gorgeous, even on Switch where things are dialed back. The nature of Crash brings limited camera movement, making resource management much more predictable. The game plays very north and south, or east...