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    NX Official Thread of Waiting - News, Rumors and Discussion

    I don't quite agree with you on that. The gap between home console and portable devices isn't as massive as it used to. The versions could share visual assets, like 3D models and textures, but differ on things like resolution, framerate, anti-aliasing and shaders. Heck, Unity even has settings...
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    Who Here Would Support a Super Mario Sunshine NX Remake?

    I got Mario Sunshine last year and for some reason I couldn't get into it. Also, the game is gorgeous, so I don't see much of a point. I'd prefer it if the NX virtual console got the options to boost the resolution of all 3D games. Mario 64 could however use a proper HD polish.
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    Velocity Stream

    A bit late, but we've released our Valentine's Trailer. The game is 35% off on Steam!
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    Velocity Stream

    Damn, I've noticed it's been a while since last update. The game is now out on Steam and we are yet to start the Wii U port. Right before chrismas we released a new patch. It included a brand new racer. After all the comments that the "Cricket" looked like a motorcycle, we decided to release an...
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    2015 games for Nintendo systems

    Did Miyamoto actually say there won't be a 3D Mario for Wii U? Mario World 3D was incredibly underwhelming for me, so that's a big dud for me. As for a replacement for Zelda... Retro Studios' project seems like a candidate. Perhaps Metroid? Some type of canceled third party game that's been...
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    The Nintendo Next Gen system is real and has a name... NX

    If I'm to be a cynical, evil business mastermind, I'd say kids are easy to manipulate. And parents are in turn easily manipulated by nagging kids. Thus, if Nintendo are clever (and manipulative), I certainly believe they can make kids desire consoles.
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    Do you want Nintendo to bring back sports...?

    Personally I'm completely indifferent to sports games. Apart from Excitebike. However, with EA having bailed Nintendos consoles, they really have to!
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    The Nintendo Next Gen system is real and has a name... NX

    Really, the most important part of launching new hardware is software. IMO, the Wii U has failed due to weak software. Nintendo succeeded in releasing a console which seems unapealing to even their biggest fans. I have loads of friends who have owned every single Nintendo home console since the...
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    Mr Iwata - should he stay or should he go?

    As a CEO he's probably great. However, his choices as to what should be greenlit is completely unforgivable. I believe that that's the main reason the Wii U failed: nearly no exclusives apart sidescroller and minigame compilations for the first year on the market!
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    2015 games for Nintendo systems

    Not questioning the quality of the stuff that's coming out or whether these games will boost console sales. But it's still not enough to restore faith in the console or Nintendo. A game and a half a month is not going to satisfy the many tastes of consumers. Espescially not when you consider how...
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    What game do you suppose is Tantalus' AAA Wii U port?

    Well, Soul Calibur might just be it :) They're pretty large game, although I'm not sure if they're bigger than Deus Ex.
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    The Legend of Zelda - What can we expect...?

    Umm... I'm not going to write a massive exposition. My thought when I saw the trailer was that the thing tied to Links arrow seems to have been some type of technological device. As was the "monster", which leads me to believe this game will take place in the time that Link travels back to in...
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    What game do you suppose is Tantalus' AAA Wii U port?

    Considering Minecraft now is owned by Microsoft, that's pretty certain... atless Microsoft is planning to buy Nintendo out as well.
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    2015 games for Nintendo systems

    I knew Wii U had a terrible lineup, but I had no idea that the 3DS was in equal trouble.
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    Virtual Reality ; will / should Nintendo make a move ?

    I don't think Nintendo should/will create a proprietary VR unit/peripheral. Perhaps they could make it easy for developers to support the regular Oculus for Wii U games. Basically, with the Wii U selling so poorly, the last thing they need is another confusing gimmick/addon. But as has...