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    My Wii U Game

    Right now, it's done the other way around. So the music plays in the background as it were, and various things happen on track or in the environment in time to the music. I tried what you suggested with one of the musicians I'm working with, or rather, playing a semi-random note each time the...
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    My Wii U Game

    Hi Everyone! I've been making this game for about 9 months now, but been a bit rubbish at promoting it (part of the reason I've just signed up here. Trying to get a bit more involved with the community etc). Anyway, the game is a music-racing game. Kinda like a cross between Audio Surf and...
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    What Are YOU Listening To? - NE Music Thread

    Usually I go in for metal or endless trance, but been getting into Deltron 3030 recently: "Interplanetary adversaries battling for supremacy. Sounds like a good way to build up my infamy.."
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    What is your 'comfort' game(s)?

    I've played a lot of AoE II over the years, but largely because back in the day, it worked first time every time over LAN, making it great for parties. When I'm burned out from work, I'll sometimes just play a whole game of Total War or maybe Civilization. I've been mulling buying Rome II...