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    Looks like Mario Kart 8 ISN'T actually 1080p, it's 720p/mostly 60 FPS

    ugggghh no AA, hopefully the jaggies don't look as annoying as they do in Need for speed most wanted.
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    codename S.T.E.AM. This got me a liitle excited when i heard about it. Hopefully it ends being a game that takes the place of what Killer Freaks From Outer Space could have been. If this is a shooter i really hope it has that campy...
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    Wii U / 3DS sales thread

    The 3DS is starting to slow down, which would be fine if the Wii U was selling well but it's still pulling horrible numbers and is still pretty much non-existent. I will officially join the doom parade after E3 if Nintendo's situation doesn't seem like it should improve drastically.
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    What is Retro Studios REALLY up to?

    The project we have been waiting for is coming. All will be revealed in June at E3... # I know nothing
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    I just read the their Iwata asks interview and they seem like a passionate group of people. I wonder what they have already contributed to the Wii U and look forward to see what they create to help enhance the console in the future. The last part of their interview seems particularly hype...
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    Would you get hyped for a Star Fox: Assault 2?

    Yes, a much more polished version of star fox assault is what i envision for a current gen Star Fox.
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    The Zelda Wii U Needs

    This video is pretty hype. 720p and a locked 30fps is good enough for Nintendo to make a beautiful and expansive Zelda game. The ROI for Zelda should be good enough for Nintendo to go all in, and they should because this Zelda has potential to sell consoles if received well. Hopefully the...
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    [Multi] New Assassin's Creed games leaked

    Looks great, it's good that we are finally starting to get games that aren't been shackled by last gen. I hope Activision does the same thing with Call of Duty.
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    From cinemablend: wii u edram bandwidth could be 563.2GB/s or more

    BG is the same reason why i gave any credence to the 176flops number as well. It's just that number just seems way too when you consider the fact the we know the Wii U tools were crap until around launch, yet developers still managed to make ports that were close enough to the 360/PS3 versions...
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    Retro Studios Still Has The Magic – But For What?

    I'm team DKC:TF > Rayman Legends as well. I'm not disappointed about Retro making tropical freeze considering how good i think the game is, it just sucks that i have to wait another few years to play something from them.
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    Mario Kart 8 can save the Wii U....maybe

    Mario Kart 8 definitely has potential to be Wii U's monster hunter.The Monster Hunter portable games in japan pretty much saved PSP's life .The series was already popular and Mario Kart Wii took the series to new height in terms of awareness.
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    The Zelda Wii U Needs

    What type of Zelda do you guys think the Wii U needs at this point ? Do you think it needs something more charming and whimsical like Wind Waker or more epic like OOT and Twilight Princess. Wind Waker HD did sell pretty well so maybe they will go that route.I hope the next Zelda continues to put...
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    Mario Kart 8 can save the Wii U....maybe

    Mario Kart 8 is the only game that can save the Wii U at this point IMO, and it seems Nintendo is putting a lot of resources into it to make sure it is a success. Some people might disagree, but i think it's smart of Nintendo to release the game within a week or so of E3 even though it means...
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    From cinemablend: wii u edram bandwidth could be 563.2GB/s or more

    Yes, he seemed to think they would need 1tb of bandwidth to accommodate their needs for PS4 if they went the edram route.
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    From cinemablend: wii u edram bandwidth could be 563.2GB/s or more

    The game's we have seen so far don't look like they need anywhere near that amount of bandwidth. Considering the other consoles don't even have half as much as this claim, I'm going to with false on this article's claim.