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    What Are YOU Listening To? - NE Music Thread

    I've been listening to these songs: of Wine by The Fireballs) Said Than Done by The Essex), original English version, by Umberto Tozzi. The...
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    Chocolate Cake Blues or an amateur attempt at an eating topic.

    So as a small contribution to this section of the forums, I am pretty curious..... Favorite restaurant? Favorite food, favorite type of food? I absolutely love the California Pizza Kitchen, Don Pablo's, and Nick's Tomatoe Pie are all awesome restaurants. My favorite food, um I love eggplant...
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    Fellow Nintendo fan and video game enthusiast here.

    Yeah, I am definitely interested in Mega Man 9 and 10. I just haven't gotten around to purchasing those games yet, but I was blown away by the announcement of 9, especially by its art style.
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    Fellow Nintendo fan and video game enthusiast here.

    Thank you nerdman. I just love many of those good ole games from days past, I mean yes many of those games were simple, but they were also quite fun without a lot of frills. I could make a top ten list of what every game designer should use as inspiration, but, yes, Mega Man II is something to...
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    My name is Luis!

    Hello, Luis! I wish I knew about the Turbografx16 when I was very little. Had I known about it, I would've savored over playing the Bonk games on it, along with New Adventure Island. It's a shame that so few games were released in the west for that console, as there are so many fun-looking games...
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    Fellow Nintendo fan and video game enthusiast here.

    Nice to meet you too, Superfakerbros. Good to see your salute to my favorite controller of all time. I couldn't believe how such a design could be so comfortable and fun to use. Well I have a few stories sort of similar to the one you have about Orlando Bloom's autograph, though not as close...
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    Fellow Nintendo fan and video game enthusiast here.

    Very interesting. So in a way those young boys are like the Olsen twins when it came to Full House, interesting, you're very close to the movie industry. What did they think about the movie and the role they played if you ever asked them? It's cool to watch a movie filmed in your state, like...
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    My New Favorite Exec: Shuhei Yoshida

    Were any of you in the Miiverse when Mr. Yoshida made his cameo? At least I think that, that was him.
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    Does nintendo being so family friendly bother you?

    To answer the question posted: I don't know actually. I think that it is one of the things that makes Nintendo stand out, which lends itself to a greater emphasis on design and the feeling behind the games, not as much how many "mature scenarios" you can posit in a game ,that has made many of...
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    Fellow Nintendo fan and video game enthusiast here.

    I'll say, and this may sound cheesy, but the movie, Elizabethtown, made me feel like visiting Kentucky because the setting of the movie seemed so serene and peaceful. Oh yeah, horse racing, as in the Kentucky Derby. Yeah, I think that Kentucky would be a very interesting place to just see...
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    Fellow Nintendo fan and video game enthusiast here.

    Thank you for the welcoming, Mattavelle1. I am grateful for your response and your tip on who to talk to if I want to contact a moderator here. It is interesting that so many people in the forums are in their 20s and 30s, well it proves that video gaming isn't something one really grows out...
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    Japanese Games That I/You Really Wish Would Come to the U.S.

    One of my favorite topics, I've had a great time playing many games that have never seen the light of day over here, like Chaos World for the Famicom. It is a shame that Aeon Genesis is the only way to play such a game in English. I think that you nailed a good amount of interesting games that I...
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    Fellow Nintendo fan and video game enthusiast here.

    Hello, my real first name is Merrick and I am a Florida transplant that is originally from the state of Maryland. I've been playing video games ever since my father and I went to Sears to pick up a NES back in the late 80s-early 90s. To introduce myself, fully, I will do a hypothetical Q and A...