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    Wii U Community Thread

    Well, this is it guys. I think this is my last post here. I just got the keys to my new home and I'm pretty busy packing and all that stuff. Also I'll be working hard in the next upcoming months that I don't think I'll have time to even go to the internet. Although I believe this will be good...
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    Your Wii U impressions so far

    So far... so good.
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    [wiiu] Company says Wii uU was a pain to work with!

    The fact that no third party developer has come out and backed the anon developer is says quite a bit too. So far, everyone has been reporting having different experiences. I'm just curious to get detailed accounts of their experiences developing on the Wii U pre-launch and post-launch. Was...
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    Wii U Community Thread

    Oh thanks guys, is just that I miss playing Gamecube games :-(( What annoys me is that my launch console lasted me for almost 5 years and the new one that I really took good care of it only 2 [-( Oh well, thanks guys!
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    Wii U Community Thread

    Ok guys... I want to know your opinions on this: I bought my original Wii on launch day back in 2006... and I played the hell out of it and it lasted me until October 2011. That's when the console wouldn't even spin the disc. That same year, I bought my second Wii... and I took really good care...
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    Rumor - Platinum's Starfox leaked?

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    [Nintendo] Andy Tudor: Wii U Capable Of Delivering Core Project CARS experience

    I know... still, the ps2 was crap. Even if the developer knew every little secret the console had it sabotaged itself by not making good looking games. So the thought that Sony intentionally made the ps2 hard to develop just to make their first party games stand out is ridiculous... that's why I...
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    [Nintendo] Andy Tudor: Wii U Capable Of Delivering Core Project CARS experience

    damn it. I messed up my response to Goodtwin lol
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    Project CARS Will Showcase The Hidden Power of the Wii U – Slightly Mad Studios

    ^This, show us how the game looks like... please? :)
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    Wii U Community Thread

    It's cool.
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    Wii U Community Thread

    here: 21095
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    Wii U Community Thread

    I remember... really? just because of that? Oh well. He also did say some controversial stuff (about gays) that some people got upset and it triggered a "banning" type discussion. He could've left right there but because no one here thinks the PS4 is the greatest thing ever? Weird...
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    What age were you when a Nintendo console came out?

    People gets younger and younger on every post by 2 or 3 years lol! :D