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    Nintendo Nes 001

    The NES was my first one too.
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    What Does "Next Gen" Mean for Your Backlog?

    I agree with you, I saw it too and it was really not bad
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    Star Link Battle For Atlas should have been Star Fox

    The game is very interesting, has very nice graphics and gameplay very easy to take in hand.
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    P.N.03 Gamecube discussion

    it is a very repetitive game, the music is not very varied and the lifespan is rather limited. But graphically the game offers an original atmosphere, sometimes cold but which gives off something unique. Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
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    New Nintendo Switch Lite Color

    The coral pink color is literally ma favorite ! TweakBox Tutuapp
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    God Shattering Star - 2020 Games Completed Thread

    For me it's totally Momodora 3 too, I liked it a lot
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    What tutorials have you followed to have this amazing results ? I tried several times and I never did such great work