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    X Revelations: Phantom of the Fantoccini

    Riki yet to see any nopon!
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    FC exchange

    Yeah.. I want your FCs so i can get more friends safariis and stuff :O my FC is 5257-9841-2013 add me and post yours I'll add you whenever I sees its.
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    Real Gamers Play Battlefield 4 - This Game Is Awesome!

    ehh just another FPS I'll never understand the hype of the genre
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    Jay Leno vs David Letterman vs Conan O'Brian vs Jimmy Kimmel

    Team Coco for me.
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    ooooohh! heropon angry!

    RAAAGGGHHHHHH! Sneaky Sneaky!
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    [Pokemon] Non public press confrence info on Pokemon X and Y

    Here's some extra info I dug up since I am elbow deep into the pokemon competive world. "Well since I couldn’t get into the X/Y developer conference, I asked our very good friend JWittz to take notes for us! And he typed up several pages! Below you can find all the information that we did not...
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    D&D Neverwinter Foundry Thread

    This is a thread where you can post the foundry missions you made or played and think was really cool and what not. The foundry is a Tool that lets anyone in the community of neverwinter to build quests from the ground up with 100s of options. tell a story, create puzzles, test peoples combat...
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    [PC]Wildstar New Devspeak video Wildstar is starting to look even more and more like a console platform open world Role-playing game in a mmo setting. I think it will be allot of fun for PC gamers who also like console games. I still look foward to beta and...
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    [PC]Gamepads or Keyboard and mouse what will you play with?

    yeah I know but my original post was that Elsword now supports gamepads as an ofical format. So it was originaly news >.>.....
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    [PC]Gamepads or Keyboard and mouse what will you play with?

    Slowly over the last couple years more and more companys have started making they're mmorpgs with the thought of giving people the choice between Gamepad controlls or Keyboard and mouse. Some well known examples of this is. Vindictus, Tera: Rising, Elsword, Rusty Hearts, Need for Speed Worlds...
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    [PC] D&D Neverwinter open Beta starts April 30th

    title says it all just posting cause this is were Riki should post it? Riki hope to see you there ;o source: Want to learn more watch Riki Favorite Reviewer in his closed Press Beta video.!
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    Wild Star Beta Patch notes update. [PC]

    There is allot of them so it'd be best if you just went to the source
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    Official MMO Discussion Thread Browser gamers rejoice! RuneScape 3 is coming out this summer of 2013. The new RuneScape runs on HTML5 and is a complete revamp of the already existing game much like RuneScape 2 was. You...
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    Official MMO Discussion Thread

    Yeah sorry for the typo XD i knew that... i was thinking of the other SOE game coming out XD. Mena can you fix that for me i can't edit anymore. i noticed the error aswell yesterday but forgot about it. I been under alot of stress so my infomation just got jumbled up XD You can either change...
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    Official MMO Discussion Thread

    2013 is going to be huge for PC gamers. Everyone has a different type of genre they prefer. May it be browser games, first person shooters, PvP Action games, or even the huge genre of MMORPGs and MOBAs. 2013 has allot to offer as well as much more. I would like to take a moment to talk...