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    So will the Wii U be a success ?

    Yes, but it is always bundled and, to be honest, does not look as revolutionary as Wii Sports did. Oh, I'm sure it will be a big seller and all. I'm just doubting it will match the best selling retail game of all time.
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    So will the Wii U be a success ?

    The Wii U's biggest problem is the lack of a Wii-Sportsesque game to introduce new audiences to gaming. Other than that, it seems like it'll do very well for itself this holiday. There are about ten or so potential million-sellers in the launch window, including some of the biggest franchises of...
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    Sony's At It Again!!! Copies Smash Brothers...

    Looks like rubbish to me. No offense meant, but this looks more like a parody of Brawl than anything. The only way to get points are likely poorly balanced "Final Smashes," a quarter of the characters are third party, and it doesn't exactly look impressive.
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    What are you playing right now?

    I'm trying to get all the Star and Moon Coins in NSMB2. This will keep me busy for a while.
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    An In-Depth Look at the Wii U Launch Titles: Pikmin 3

    New Stuff includes: *Wiimote Controls *Gamepad Controls *HD Graphics *Four Captains/Leaders *New Enemies/Bosses *Challenge Mode *New Obstacles That's all I've figured out. The lack of online play is a bit disappointing though, and will hurt the reception.
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    Can Nintendo continue to ignore the IOS / Android market ?

    The 3DS has a niche it can fill. History has a similar scenario that played out years ago with PCs and consoles. At first, consoles like the Atari and NES were the only computers in the household. Later though, the PC came in, and it was both capable of doing far more stuff and somewhat more...
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    The best handheld gaming system?

    I grew up with the Game Boy, Color, and Advance, but I'm going to have to say the DS. Not so much because of the Nintendo lineup; all four Nintendo portables had great lineups of games from Nintendo, with different series each having their time in the sun. No, I'd say the DS is the best portable...
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    Hello, I'm Salnax

    I'm a semi-regular on the 3DS forum, where I'm also called Salnax. I manage the unofficial eShop thread there. I'll take a look around here. Nice to be here
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    Which game would you want the Wii U to be bundled with?

    I'm guessing/hoping for two bundles: New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land, each with a GamePad and a Wiimote-Plus, plus maybe just a standalone console $50 less. Honestly, I'm hoping for lots of choices, since I really don't know what games are going to be great at launch.
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    Hello, I'm Salnax

    I was invited here from another forum by an editor who went by the name "Freudian_Slip." So far, this looks like a cool website, and I think I'll check it out for a while. That said, I want to ask you guys a question: What does Nintendo Enthusiast offer that I can't find elsewhere? I know that...