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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    HECK YEAH! Glad to have another person I can talk to about the game while starting it up again. I'm restarting the game officially tomorrow. I had to clear it with my physical therapist after a recent back injury. I wish they would have sent me to PT years ago because I've just been dealing...
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    Super Mario Strikers for Switch?

    GIVE ME STRIKERS! That was one of the best freakin' sports games.
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    Hey folks! We made our first real Youtube video and posted it! If you want to know what Ring Fit Adventure is like give it a watch. Also...expect an extremely lame skit at the beginning featuring myself and Rowdy5000. YOU GOTTA HAVE THE GAMES TO GET THE GAINS! That being said, I'm actually...
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    How you folks doing? AYYYYYY!!!!! I have been galavanting about on the twitters and podcastifarian scene but wanted to check in with everyone. As usual it's been wild and crazy out here. A butadiene plant blew up about 9 miles away and shook my house to the point where I thought a tree fell...
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    Interview with Denis Dyack : What do you want to ask?

    Sorry Nekoprophet, Dyack went all radio silence on me after a few emails.
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    SUMMER IS HERE! Thank goodness! The last week of teaching/discipline coordination was like herding cats on fire with snowcones and a bouncy house! GO ON GIT! Speaking of cats...I ordered an El Gato and had to run to meet the UPS guy with lightning strikes popping everywhere during a random...
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    @mattavelle1 and @sjmartin79 looks like we need another GW/TNE Game Night for Splatoon. I'm ready to get back into the ink.
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    Hey folks, I got another episode of Lamer Gamers if y'all wouldn't mind taking a listen! "simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 talk about the games they've played recently, they critique and pick apart why the Sonic Movie Trailer is so bad, Days Gone/SteamWorld Quest Impressions, Rowdy5000 tries to...
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    JoyFreak here!

    Howdy @JoyFreak welcome!
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    Please Add These Nintendo!! (Add your Ideas)

    You know what. Give me a new Uniracers for Switch. Let's get things all sorts of weird up in here! If this game wasn't fun to you then you probably don't have a heartbeat. Or you might be a cat.
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    Y'all should make a trip out to Houston this weekend.
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    Man, last week was terrible. I pulled a back muscle that radiated around to my ribs on the right side then across my chest to the shoulder on the left side. If you can imagine being given a nice, refreshingly breathless hug from an electric eel that hurts so bad that you can't talk straight...
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    We will be doing some Smash tomorrow if you want to join in at 8pm CT!
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    You are raising fine young men. All boys should be better than their father's if they are raised right...even in the video game world. Just remember that. And if they get too uppity bring 'em to work and make them work in the quarry. That'll teach em, haha.
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    World of Light - 2019 Games Completed Thread

    XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 2 - TORNA! Beat it in an hour after not playing for 4 months...whoops. From the discord: My thoughts regarding the end of Torna: