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    Nintendo Switch - Official Thread

    I could totally buy an HD up-res version of XX while we wait for 5 proper. Please... I need HD visuals, that 240p screen is not doing it for me. It's like I took a girl home on a date only to discover she has a much hotter sister who's attracted to me waiting in the wings. ;) I've only been...
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    Nintendo Switch - Official Thread

    We are so close!! The Wii U wait wasn't nearly this hard, I swear!
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    Nintendo Switch - Official Thread

    If I ask my phone how many days until March 3rd, she currently says ... 8 more days! 8! PEOPLE! Embargo's start lifting on Thursday and then it'll be a daily onslaught of news until the Switch drops at midnight the following week. Time to start celebrating.
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    Automotive Enthusiast

    Yeah buddy! @EvilTw1n you can't really go wrong with those options. A car guy, is a car guy. I don't know about you but I freaking love just about every car. If I don't want to own it I nearly always want to test drive it. There's so many cool cars that would be worth additions to the garage...
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    Third Parties: With me, or against me.....

    Very good points. Especially the part about smaller devs not fitting in with the competition like EA. I think Nintendo moved towards those teams during the U and the Switch sizzle reels are already showing it to be an indie darling along with smaller devs. The internet seems to be up and arms...
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)lıllılıllılılıllı({Official ARMS Thread})ıllılılıllılıllıl( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

    This thread looks soooo good. Great work Shoes, the screenshots and vids really pop out with all that color. I'm very interested in motion controls again. So far it looks more accurate than a Move controller at speed and the inclusion of analog joysticks in each side is a huge improvement over...
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    Nintendo Switch - Official Thread

    Don't know if you got it already but I grabbed a Sandisk 200 gig 90/mb read speed for around $60. It's interesting that most 128gigs are $40 but 256 gigs are insane...over $100 dollars easily I can't remember. You have to search for 200 gigs but formme the price difference was absolutely worth...
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    So in light of the Switch, have you thought about purging your library?

    I have always traded stuff in and never or rarely missed it. Well I'm conscious of what I trade in and don't part with absolutely everything. Although my Wii, DS, PS3, PS4, (have a Pro) and Vita are long gone. My 3ds plays the whole DS library and the U is a monster of a legacy system. For...
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    Do you think it would have been a better move to push Switch as Nintendo's new handheld?

    Absolutely, before it was revealed with its games I thought we might even see 3ds games ported to it. The presentation made it clear that these games aren't handheld in size and scope. Some indies fit that bill, but Spla2n, Kart, Arms, Mario and other major first year games are full console...
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    Nintendo Switch Spec Thread

    That's what I plan to do. Been bugging my local GS and they keep saying as soon as a date pops up from the event they'll have it in the system. What's the most reliable place to do that? I always feel like if I go somewhere in person and have a physical receipt it's a stinger guarantee. I'd...
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    Nintendo Switch Spec Thread

    Realistically that's what I'm waiting on. I care less and less about the specs on a sheet and more about what the Switch can do and the games that will be available. I made this point elsewhere but I really am fine with third parties showing up with minimal support. That's not my ideal Switch...
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    Nintendo Switch - Official Thread

    Gang, I've obviously been creeping this way for a while, but I think my hype has reached overwhelming levels of expectations. There's no turning back now, from the facts we've seen to many of the rumors that give true feels I'm frothing with demand for this thing. Basically in my head I'm...
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    Nintendo Switch - Official Thread

    I'm interested in seeing what the launch lineup really looks like. If there's two to three games I want on new hardware it'll definitely be a day one buy for me. Usually, like the PS4 and Wii U, I feel that owning the system for the first year is worth the general $50 price drop that usually...
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    Virtual Reality ; will / should Nintendo make a move ?

    Update! Definitely not ready. After all these years. After the Virtual Boy and the SEGA Activator, VR still sucks! It's motion controls for your head. My wife, don't get mad, brought me home a PSVR bundle last week as part of the R&D job at the company I won't name. We get to keep it, and...
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    Nintendo Switch - Official Thread

    Two-fiddy! That's cheap! I just wish they'd sell me a Pro edition. Don't mind them aiming at mass market but I want more storage, bigger battery, two docks, etc. I'm willing to pay for it, and I'm guessing there's at least 10 million people who would do the same...