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    DS games on the Wii U virtual console + Nintendo Direct

    I wanted shock and awe and Nintendo did not disappoint.
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    Do you like Metroidvania style games? Do you like quirky and funny writing? Then you need to buy....

    UnEpic is a Castlevania clone. Reven is a Metroid clone. The term "Metroidvania" should not be widely accepted because first and foremost, Metroid's gameplay is twitch based action with a heavy focus on platforming and exploration. Castlevania is a sidescrolling action game with mild platforming...
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    If Nintendo made another sequel in the Zelda series, which game would you like it to be a sequel to?

    Rather than a direct sequel to an existing Zelda, why not take elements from the series more popular ones and build upon that. Zelda's non-linearity; Zelda II's maze gameplay; Zelda III's dark and light elements; Zelda 64's multiple races; Majora Mask's time mechanic; Four Sword's multiplayer...
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    Wii U Community Thread

    This reads like a script from an 80's sitcom. Too fucking funny!
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    Let's talk Armillo!

    This reminds me of the best parts (imo) of the Metroid Prime series. I will double dip if it means future support of the Wii U.