The sensation brought Christy into her own world. Everything else - Jo in her chair, Charlie's hot skin against her thighs, the bed beneath her - melted away and all she felt was Charlie's mouth on her clit. She may have moaned, can't be sure. Her brain short circuited and only wanted one thing now: MORE.

Jo's instructions became unintelligible to her. All she could make sense of was the insistent pressure of Charlie's mouth sucking at her clit. Her eyes closed, her stomach tightened, and a crest of pleasure broke across her pussy, spreading up through her lungs and breasts and face.

Charlie's lips stayed on her. His tongue flicked and played with her clit, sending shivers across her whole being with every playful prod. Her knees closed around him, holding him snug. His tongue fast against her, pushing harder, sucking harder. Another wave broke, this one more of a tremor of something bigger. Something she'd never felt before. Something immense.

Christy felt Charlie's hand on her breasts. Massaging them, squeezing them, fingers finding her nipples, tweaking, squeezing, pulling. She bucked her hips, trying to force her clit deeper into his mouth. She bit her lip to keep from screaming.Felt another wave, this one slightly larger approaching. She let go of everything else and let it come.

Christy's next thought was of something changing. She didn't know how long it had been, how many times she had cum. Her body was a bonfire with her pussy the volcanic center, but now her clit felt chills from the cold air as Charlie's mouth left her. She opened her eyes to see Jo, robe left on the chair and holding a vibe to her clit - she could see it clearly since she was shaved smooth - helping Charlie change positions.

Hairy legs came into her vision, settling on either side of her head. She looked up and saw Charlie's cock, now hard again and swollen until shiny, hanging down from above. She didn't think; immediately took it into her mouth and started to suck.

Charlie's body lowered on top of her. His cock fed deeper into her mouth, making it so she didn't have to reach so far with her neck. She felt his mouth come back to her, planting around her clit like a leech but this time she felt his hot exhales on her dripping pussy. Each forceful intake sent a wave of chills followed by another wave of warmth from his exhales. Her clit throbbed against his tongue.

Christy moaned onto Charlie's cock. She realized that with his cock in her mouth she could be as loud as she wanted. She let out a louder moan, again stifled by the meat in her mouth. Running purely on instinct, her tongue grated underneath his cock, working under his head as his hips pulled up and pushed down, effectively fucking her mouth.

Charlie's actions got more intense. She felt his teeth once then twice. It felt good. She wanted him to devour her, bite her, eat her up. Her entire brain dealt with timing her breaths when he pulled his cock shallow enough for her to get air while the rest of her body concentrated on her pussy and that immense tidal wave looming ever so closer.

Her ears rang, her eyes fluttered. Ten more seconds, that's all she needed. Ten more seconds of this and everything would be right.

Nine more seconds. She could feel Charlie's nose pressing between her lips.

Eight more seconds. Seven more. Six.

She had a sudden fright that he would stop. Something terrible would happen and he would stop. He would destroy her world. She opened her eyes, looked up past Charlie's thrusting shaft and hanging balls and saw Jo.

Jo stood over the head of the bed, smiling, sucking on her index finger.

Four more seconds. Three more and nothing would matter because she would be washed away by this immense feeling building in every cell of her being. Two more and the whole world would be at peace. One more...

Christy watched as Jo shoved her finger into Charlie's ass, straight down to the knuckle.

Charlie yelled into her cunt. She felt the vibrations against her clit. His cock forced its way deep into the back of her mouth and erupted with cum. His semen almost choked her, probably should have choked her but Charlie's voice on her clit had done the job and Christy felt nothing but intense pleasure radiating throughout her body. Every muscle shook, switching between clenched tight and completely calm. She automatically swallowed when there was cum to swallow, screamed out in pure joy when there wasn't.

The world could not be found. Christy rode this feeling far far away.


Some time later, Christy found herself laying on the bed again in Jo's guest bedroom. Charlie lay beside her, both of them still naked. She leaned over and gave him a deep, long kiss. She hoped that the kiss communicated everything she didn't dare say out loud: that he had made her so happy, made her feel things she'd never felt before, brought her into a deeper world of love and pleasure. That she adored him.

There was a knock on the door. Jo entered once again, robe on, with a bundle of clothes. "Your shirt's dry, honey. No stains, as promised. See?" She help up Christy's shirt, a remnant of some far-off calamity that Christy could barely remember.

"Listen," Jo said as she sat back down in the chair, "You guys awake?"

Both Christy and Charlie scooted themselves up to sitting position, Christy baring her breasts with no embarrassment. Charlie nodded.

"You guys are great, and I'd love for you to come back any time you want, but we have a few house rules that I make clear to anyone who comes here. The first one is to always call before you come by. I'll give you both my phone number, call anytime, but if you call and I or my husband tells you that it's not a good time, it means that it's not a good time."

"What if we don't get an answer?" Charlie asked.

"No answer means come on by. Very rarely do we shy away from guests, but it's important to maintain boundaries, ok?"

Christy nodded yes.

"Second rule is that we don't abide drugs or alcohol here. If you want a place to get drunk or high, go somewhere else."

"Oh, we don't..." Charlie started, then looked to Christy. "Do we?"

"No, we don't." Christy said.

Jo smiled. "Third rule is that we always practice safe sex. Any intercourse must be accompanied by a condom. I don't want any babies conceived under my roof, understood?"

They both nodded.

"Fourth rule. Be respectful of everyone here.You might see some other people here when you come by, maybe even kids you know from school like Trevor and Anna today. It's kind of like Las Vegas here: what happens at my house stays at my house. And Everyone agrees to these so if you meet anyone here it means they're following the same rules."

"Sounds reasonable," Charlie said.

"Good. And last but not least, fifth and final rule, don't tell anyone what goes on here. Not your parents, not your teachers, not even most friends. Other people would very easily misunderstand what we're doing here and that could make trouble. Not just for me and my husband but for you and everyone else who comes here as well. Ok? We're all here to have fun but in our own private way. Unless you think either of your parents would like to join?"

"Eww, no," Christy said.

"Didn't think so," Jo smiled."So are we all on the same page? Understand everything I've said?"

"I have a question," Charlie said. "Did Drew get in trouble because he told us?"

"Oh heavens no," Jo said. "He vouched for you when he called. He thought you guys could handle it and were mature enough to act responsibly. I have the same feeling. After you've hung out with us a little more, if you feel that some of your friends might like to know about us we can talk about it. It's just not something I'd like becoming some rumour all over town, ok?"

They both nodded.
Mar 13, 1976 (Age: 45)
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