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    Earthbound medley

    Very nice.
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    What Nintendo really needs is a new F-Zero

    I've been wanting a new F-Zero for years. Doesn't feel like it's ever going to happen.
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    Nintendo Switch Online

    So am I missing something or can you not use two Pro Controllers to play local co-op NES games?
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    You'd think the impressive sales of USFII on Switch would've changed their outlook on that. Ah well.
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    I really wish Okami was getting a physical release for Switch. Perhaps Limited Run will do one?
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    Games of 2018

    I'm kind of on the fence about the Luigi's Mansion remake on 3DS. I mean, N64 remakes on 3DS work really well as Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Star Fox are all amazing... To the point where they're basically the best versions of those games now. But I think GameCube remakes should go to the...
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    Kamiya Said He Wanted to Make a Game Where Bayonetta and Dante Meet, Would You Like That?

    This is an awesome idea. I hope to see it happen one day.
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    Official Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

    I've been watching Samurai Champloo yet again. I've lost count of how many times I've watched it since it came out in NA. Definitely one of my favorites.
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    Four Steps That Can Make a Big Impact on Saving the Xbox Brand

    Yep. Hopefully they realize it was a big misstep and incorporate a 4k player into the PS5 (or whatever the nex iteration of the PS4 is called).
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    Four Steps That Can Make a Big Impact on Saving the Xbox Brand

    I don't really want an Xbox One, but I may get an S soon simply because I have a 4K TV now and want something that plays 4K discs (Sony really dropped the ball on that). An Xbox One S isn't much more than a decent 4K player. When and if I get one, I'll play Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    A more interesting story and character development... and character designs that actually look good. Third-person gameplay that doesn't suck.
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    What did you like about the GameCube?

    I saw this thread on another forum and thought it was interesting since the GameCube certainly isn't many people's favorite console, nor is it mine. But let's talk about what we did like about it. I'll start: There's a lot I like about the GameCube. To this day, the controller is still one of...