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  1. lAZY ][S

    codename S.T.E.AM. This got me a liitle excited when i heard about it. Hopefully it ends being a game that takes the place of what Killer Freaks From Outer Space could have been. If this is a shooter i really hope it has that campy...
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    I just read the their Iwata asks interview and they seem like a passionate group of people. I wonder what they have already contributed to the Wii U and look forward to see what they create to help enhance the console in the future. The last part of their interview seems particularly hype...
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    The Zelda Wii U Needs

    What type of Zelda do you guys think the Wii U needs at this point ? Do you think it needs something more charming and whimsical like Wind Waker or more epic like OOT and Twilight Princess. Wind Waker HD did sell pretty well so maybe they will go that route.I hope the next Zelda continues to put...
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    Mario Kart 8 can save the Wii U....maybe

    Mario Kart 8 is the only game that can save the Wii U at this point IMO, and it seems Nintendo is putting a lot of resources into it to make sure it is a success. Some people might disagree, but i think it's smart of Nintendo to release the game within a week or so of E3 even though it means...
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    Nintendo Direct Expectations and Wishes

    What do you think Nintendo will announce to help calm down the doom? I personally expect this one to be better than the last one because the competition has arrived with much fanfare and because Donkey Kong is coming out next month and i think a great direct can positively influence some fence...
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    Anyone excited to hear more Wii U news ? Hopefully Nintendo can start to unveil some more games and system updates.
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    Nintendo Network - Post Launch Improvements

    What do you guys want to be added or improved upon besides the speed improvements that Nintendo is already trying to address? For me personally i would like: - Cross Game party chat - More options for notifications - Ability to save ingame screen shots - Ability to message people from...
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    Zelda Tech Demo

    In light of the Windwaker HD announcement, do you think Zelda tech demo might be indicative of a twilight princes HD Remake? Nintendo might go: Windwaker HD Zelda Wii U Twilighlt Princess HD
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    Wii U purchases

    What do you plan on buying for the U that has already been officially announced Launch Month (if i find a U, didn't preorder) - Black Wii U - Rayman Origins - ZombiU Post Launch Month - Wonderful 101 - Bayonetta 2 - Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate - External Hardrive The stuff listed are definite...
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    September 13

    It will be good to have a lot of ports finally announced, but i really want to be sold on what the Wii U offers exclusively ( games, online features, etc). I hope they toss us some type of bone to get people really hyped for not only launch but the future as well (Retro game please NIntendo!)...
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    Wii U bundle and pricing suggestions

    Lets think of some great bundling options to use for Nintendo. American SKU's Base Wii U model - $299 - White Wii U, Gamepad, and Wiimote - with bloatware that at least includes a trail version of NintendoLand (this is advertised on the box like Wii sports) - 4 GB or more of flash * Nintendo...
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    Games interested in so far

    I know we still don't have the complete launch and launch window list of Wii U games, but what are guys looking to purchase based on what we do know ? For me, the definite purchases are ZombiU and Project-P100. The other games I'll likely purchase are Rayman Legends, Darksiders 2, and Mario U...
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    No Gamecube BC ?

    I'm assuming since the Wii U controller doesn't currently have analog triggers that Gamecube BC might be a no go or is it possible to play Gamecube games with digital triggers ?
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    Game looks pretty solid and could end up having wii sports like appeal to casual gamers. I just hope Nintendo is planning to have multiple levels for each attraction unless it's a free pack in. I also hope they have online play and leaderboards for it to help get casual gamers to use the...
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    Platinum Games

    Project P-100 looks hype. If the multiplayer is online then it's definite must buy. With the supposed sakurai sightings at platinum games studios does anybody else think the platinum games may help Sora with Smash Bros ? Since Nintendo is publishing P-100 i think they should scoop up and finish...
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    Kinda Sad

    That the Wii had way more core gamer enthusiasm after E3 than the Wii U did despite the U being much more core focused than the Wii. The only hope I have is dependent on Nintendo not wanting to reveal all of their cards at E3 and is saving many more megaton announcements for a later date before...
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    Black Wii U

    Nintendo please have this available at launch. It looks too sexy not to be available at least in the west at launch. hnnnnnng ... MsAVYd3lP4 DAT Netflix integration and controller
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    When did Nintendo so slick!

    Man the Wii U is going to be glorious when everything is finally revealed. Nintendo definitely trolled the crap out of me, Sony, Microsoft and everybody else.
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    Calm before the storm ?

    Is it just me or things slowed down dramatically compared to last week? Next week and beyond is going to be crazy. I need to figure out how to contain the hype. What are your expectations for E3 ?
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    Wii U third party exclusives?

    Nintendo has already scored two potentially solid third party exclusives in Killer Freaks and Lego City Stories, do you think they will have many more? I personally believe the ED 2 rumor so I'm going to add that to the list. I personally believe Nintendo racking up some quality exclusive games...