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  1. SirTurtlelot

    Nintendo Switch Sales Super Thread

    Considering pre-orders were sold out, the Switch is seemingly off to a good start. Let's up Nintendo can keep up the momentum in the coming months. The first year's game line-up alone is pretty awesome looking. Finding the right combination of good games coming each month/quarter and good...
  2. SirTurtlelot

    Heed the call!

    Greetings again, TNE and Merry Switchmas! It has been quite awhile since my last visit here, but it's good to see some familiar faces are still around. I'm not sure if any of you remember me, but I used to be a somewhat active member a few years back. I hope you guys are enjoying your...
  3. SirTurtlelot

    Halo Enthusiast

    Though I've only recently picked up my first Xbox, I've always quite liked the Halo series. The universe and characters were interesting, and the multiplayer was loads of fun. I remember going with my brothers to their friends' house and playing LAN matches in Halo 1 or 2 with some of the other...
  4. SirTurtlelot

    Would you get hyped for a Star Fox: Assault 2?

    I didn't care much Assault's campaign mode, it wasn't bad but it wasn't really great either, but the multiplayer was fantastic. It seems to be the inverse of SF64, which had a great single player mode, but just an okay multiplayer mode. If they did make a new Starfox game, I would really want...
  5. SirTurtlelot

    SEGA's Next Nintendo Exclusive is "Sonic Boom"

    When did Knuckles start using steroids?
  6. SirTurtlelot

    Getting Ready for Donkey Kong

    I was ecstatic when the DKC series was brought back to life with Returns on Wii, so I'm really looking forward to Tropical Freeze. I love the old Rare games, and Retro has been doing a pretty good job with the series. The game is already pre-ordered and paid off, so now I'm just waiting until...
  7. SirTurtlelot

    Thoughts on suicide?

    ^Listen to this man. I'll just leave this here for now.
  8. SirTurtlelot

    Nintendo Direct Expectations and Wishes

    I completely agree on release dates, or at the very least narrow it down to a quarter or a month. Although I don't think we'll see any price drops. As for games, I think we can definitely expect to hear about DKCTF, Mario Kart 8, Smash, and Bayo 2, possibly even something for X or Yarn Yoshi...
  9. SirTurtlelot

    Wii U / 3DS sales thread

    I'm interested to know why you think this would work. While the system itself does sound incredible, the timing is way off. By 2016, the PS4 and Xbone will be reaching three years old, and should already have incredible libraries to entice most of the gamer demographic to make the jump to eighth...
  10. SirTurtlelot

    Which Games Are You Planning On Purchasing Or Do You Already Have?

    Games I own so far: Nintendo Land Super Mario 3D World NSMBU NSLU WWHD Pikmin 3 W101 Sonic Lost World Batman Arkham City Armored Edition Note: While I don't own them yet, I've already paid for DKC:TF, Shantae Half Genie Hero, and Mighty No. 9, so it's simply a waiting game until they release...
  11. SirTurtlelot

    What age were you when a Nintendo console came out?

    NES (1985) - Wasn't born yet. My family had a NES before I was born, so most of my earliest gaming memories come from games like Super Mario Bros, Duckhunt, and Excitebike. SNES (1991) - I was born the same year as the SNES. My parents got us one for my fifth Christmas, the same year the N64...
  12. SirTurtlelot

    Can PS4 keep this up?

    Given that it's only the first year of what is supposedly going to be a near decade long console war, anything can happen, so I wouldn't count anyone out just yet.
  13. SirTurtlelot


    Perhaps that may be the big surprise at VGX. If not, then hopefully we'll hear about it in an upcoming Direct.
  14. SirTurtlelot

    Wii U / 3DS sales thread

    I don't understand why everyone writes off the N64, and to a lesser extent the GCN, as failures. They were profitable platforms that had a decent amount of market share. There were plenty of failed consoles in the fifth generation, such as the 3DO, Jaguar, Pippin, and arguably even the Saturn...
  15. SirTurtlelot

    Wii U / 3DS sales thread

    A game console is only as good as the games that are made for it. The N64 was a fairly popular system, despite only having sold a fraction of what the PS1 did, and while it didn't have as many games as the PS1, the games it did have were phenomenally good. Many were the best of the generation...
  16. SirTurtlelot

    Favorite Nintendo Controller?

    While I'm still probably more fond of the SNES controller, and everything else about the SNES, my vote has to go to the Wii U gamepad, solely for off TV play.
  17. SirTurtlelot

    [Rumor] Nintendo to Release HD Remakes of 7 N64 Titles

    Interesting. If these end up than being more than just HD ports with new features, such as the co-op Super Mario 64 mentioned above, then I will be all over these games. If they're just HD ports, then I might pass. That's if this ends up being more than just a rumor or hits fabrication.
  18. SirTurtlelot

    Official Xbox One Thread

    Project Spark was probably the most interesting game shown at the Xbone E3 conference, but it's also coming to PC, as is Titanfall, so it bears no incentive for me to buy an Xbone. So far the most interesting Xbone games to me are Killer Instinct, Ryse, and Crimson Dragon. Halo 5 will eventually...
  19. SirTurtlelot

    Super Mario 3D World - Overview Trailer

    Unless they're planning on making a sequel to DK64 or buying back Banjo Kazooie, then I don't see why not. :P But seriously though, both of those things should happen.
  20. SirTurtlelot

    Super Mario 3D World - Overview Trailer

    Every new trailer for the game makes it look better and better, I'm so excited. :D Also, I'm fairly certain we'll get one last 3D Mario game for Wii U, something more in the vein of Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy, with the open world and fun collectibles, since the 3D Land & 3D World seem to be the...