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  1. Venks

    Official Super Smash Brothers Wii U/3DS Thread

    I'm so happy with how Samus looks in Smash 4. Sakurai even said she's the strongest character amongst his testers.
  2. Venks

    CthulhiGames: Action Horror RPG TBA

    I really enjoy Cthulu. Never managed to make it further then a few chapters in any of the books, but captivating ideas none the less. I'll keep an eye on this project.
  3. Venks

    Leveled Up Design - Video Series

    Thanks! I had a lot of fun playing the game and just noticed a bunch of moments where I felt the level was teaching me one thing or another. Hence my idea to make a video showing some of those spots off. Metroid would be pretty fun to do, but honestly I get lost pretty easily in the game. The...
  4. Venks

    Leveled Up Design - Video Series

    I'm attempting to do a youtube video series on level design throughout various games I'm not exactly the best video creator, but I'm sure I'll get better as I go at it. Would love feedback and criticism.
  5. Venks

    Official Super Smash Brothers Wii U/3DS Thread

    I'm honestly not really interested in Snake returning from Brawl. He was an interesting character back then, but honestly I'd rather see more newcomers like Little Mac come in rather than more veterans.
  6. Venks

    SEGA's Next Nintendo Exclusive is "Sonic Boom"

    I'm looking forward to this game. I absolutely love the Adventure games and am also a huge fan of co-ops. The Knuckle design is a bit odd, but what ever if the game turns out to be fun then all is forgiven.
  7. Venks

    Report : Nintendo entering the mobile market within a year

    I honestly haven't the faintest clue how this will help Nintendo in the long run. More awareness for the WiiU is definitely a step in the right direction, but I really hope they don't stop here. I'm expecting more from Nintendo though. Really hope there's more to be announced then just this.