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    Went way back to my roots this morning....... That’s where it all began for me really, posting on a message board and learning how we make real friends with people who I still haven’t ever meet in real life. I posted there since 2002 but up until I posted in the CT I...
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    Capcom maybe for real up to be bought.......again

    So I ran up on this article. Now I’m personally not saying that I believe there up to be bought again. But we do know from maybe last year or the year before they could have been possibly lookin for someone to buy them. Well in this article I found supposedly the Wall Street Journal is...
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    This year in gamin has been very special.

    Really across the board. Man people are playing many different types of games on a lot of different platforms. Typically I don't care for such things, but with Mario right around the corner it got me to thinking. For me as a Nintendo gamer if I had the ability to choose a GOTY how in the world...
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    ****Face_Birdo**** Bona Fide Obscure Games Thread

    I think we all get a great idea of what this thread is all about now. It's these games for me that are feathered into the life of a console that make it so enjoyable for myself. Everything from Shovel Knights, to Zen Pinball, Mario Golf I get unimaginable replay ability from games like Puyo Puyo...
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    So in light of the Switch, have you thought about purging your library?

    Times are tighter on people financially wise. I've never in my life been a advocate to selling your games to Gamestop. The Switch honestly seems like a real clean break away from all there other consoles. No backwards compatibility, also no backward compatibility for 3DS either. Also tho I love...
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    And this is why Nintendo shouldn't be doudted.

    This Pokemon Go thing is reaching ludicrous proportions. People who don't even game are now chasing Pokemon like Ash Ketchum himself. They just have they type of appeal with there games how they take concepts and turn them on there heads. Aren't games supposed to be done by us in the privacy of...
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    I've seen some things. War stories from other communities.

    We all come from somewhere, and it's lead us here for whatever reason. My forum birthplace is IGNs Nintendo lobby. After many many years of miss management and a smothering of people's voices I defected here to TNE and was allowed to manage the community here. I'll post my own war stories...
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    Your final NX predictions before Offical info

    We have had amazing threads and discussions about NX.......and all this without Offical information from Nintendo. So before this happens I know many of us have our own ideas about what NX is what it will launch with, and when etc etc. Essentially this isn't a "quote / discuss" thread as its...
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    Your Nintendo GOTY nomination

    TNE Wonderful ones! The front side has decided to let us be the deciding factor in the 2015 Nintendo GOTY. So with that said here is the guidelines. 1. This will be the front page GOTY so make your pick wisely. 2. This is across both the WiiU and 3DS. If you pick your GOTY on either console...
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    Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry Christmas TNE!!!

    *face_Santa* The end of the year is upon us TNE with the last major holiday a week away! Where did the time go? What are your plans for this holiday season? Are you asking for anything or Christmas? Are there any special traditions your family has? For me I guess you could say mine started...
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    Influential people in gaming for 2015.

    Who was the most influential people in the gaming industry this year? For myself personally My gaming habits have changed more to games I can play for a super long time that are fun and easy to get into for the most part. My answer would be the directors and producers of the MH series and...
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    The Log Cabin stone job.

    Wasssss uppppp my people! It's that time again! And this time I switched it up alittle. So first the back drop. I won't write this guys name because he's very private, and I kinda snuck to do this video so if I sound alittle different it's because I'm trying to kinda be quite while also getting...
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    Helping out our friend LSB

    I Know there are some forum members who don't frequent the CT and that's fine. For those of you who don't know LSB and his family just lost there son at birth. There have been a couple of ways to help out there family during this extremely difficult time. I will link them here so they are easy...
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    Fast Racing Neo. Dosent this have a thread!?!

    Because if not here is the latest multiplayer footage!!! @Shoulder @BobSilencieux @EvilTw1n @Goodtwin What are y'all and TNE thinkin about this game!?!
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    The Great CT - Community Thread

    We reached page 1000 in the Hall of Fame CT. Let's put this one to good use aswell TNE Wondeful Ones. :msrs:
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    This one is a big change aswell, thank you for the intro Stevie Nicks. We are gonna be starting a new CT. The 3 1/2 year running CT now is moving onto the TNE Hall of Fame. After taking to @Menashe today he has requested "let them vote for who in the community makes the CT". So that's what...
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    TNE WONDERFUL ONES UNITE UP!!!!! PART 6 - Not this again

    Welcome Wonderful ones to another wonderful update!!!! Been talking about this for a few weeks now with Menashe and Jueg. We have to go on and start building new software for the site........if you couldn't tell from the crashes, yes she is dying and theres nothing we can do to bring her back...
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    Internet censorship and the vocal minority

    Man this topic is going to cause trouble but I've felt it bubble up several times and I keep putting it down because I don't think it's worth it yet, but I don't know, I don't want it to keep festering. I think the whole democratic censorship thing that's been going on more and more because of...
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    Amiibos.....the next Ebola?

    After much debate in the CT it stands that it could be a deadly virus for Nintendo........or as @repomech described them as a very "interesting buttplug". Who knows? All we know at TNE is that it has been already much debate over them so let's continue here picking up where the CT left off...