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  1. running_in_jam

    [NINTENDO] Shadow of the Eternals (a.k.a Eternal Darkness II)

    I'm surprised nobody's jumped on this yet! - coming to Wii U (and PC) in Q3 2014 - this is as long as crowdfunding comes thorugh - Precursor Games is a company formed after the death of Silicon Knights - game will be episodic - current goal is...
  2. running_in_jam

    Jam's Horrible Horror Adventure: Penumbra!

    Hey folks, So I made the grave ( :> ) error a few days ago of playing Penumbra. I make this seems like a bad thing, because it is a bad thing! I got 30 minutes in and I already shat my pants. What a fool I was to think I could take on the 3 Penumbra games, when I haven't even finished Amnesia...
  3. running_in_jam

    Slow Adoption Next Gen

    I wanted to link to a recent article by @Emily Rogers It's a very interesting read, and an interesting observation comparing the upcoming Gen to Gen 5. I can't even imagine how bleak the...
  4. running_in_jam

    Official Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate [3DS] Thread

    I'm aware this thread won't see anywhere near as much action as the Wii U thread, but that's okay. The demo released today with 2 missions, easy & hard with 12 weapon/armor sets to choose from. The demo reminded me just how fantastic the game is, and it showed how well they've moved it over...
  5. running_in_jam


    I'm curious about the lobby's opinions on petitions. In my time of following gaming news, I've come across a lot. The number that I've signed? Without a doubt, no more than 2. I believe they were a Xenoblade petition and a Timesplitters petition. What I'm getting at is that I have never seen an...
  6. running_in_jam

    Hydroadventure: Spin Cycle releases this week for Europe! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm really looking forward to this. There's actually very similar game that popped up on Steam recently that's slightly cheaper, but maybe I'll just get both. Anyway, who's excited?!
  7. running_in_jam

    Timesplitters HD Collection

    Those of you who know me realise how big a fan I am of Timesplitters, and how I pushed the Timesplitters 4 campaign a while ago (I even wrote the Crytek CEO a poem!) Well, TS4 isn't looking like an option right now, but it seems Crytek might be interested in putting a HD Collection of the three...
  8. running_in_jam

    3DS drought?

    So this holiday is a little dry for the 3DS. The easy conclusion to draw is that this is due to the release of the Wii U; it's only sensible for Nintendo to allow room for their new console to breath. However it's a bit disappointing for someone like myself, who's holding off on the Wii U. Of...
  9. running_in_jam

    Not excited for Wii U

    Part of the reason haven't partaken in many discussions lately is because I'm not hyped for the Wii U. The most likely reason is that I know I won't be buying it for a while (more urgent things to spend my cash on). So it's not that I find the console underwhelming, but truth be told I am...
  10. running_in_jam

    Monster Hunter Tri Unite Rumour

    As many already know, this popped up a few days ago: As NintendoMan said on NE's article about it: Which is a little bit concerning. I've read this as being called fake, as well, but I can't deny I had started to think the "Monster Hunter news coming soon, we just can't talk about it yet!"...
  11. running_in_jam

    Your last Wii game before Wii U

    Many gamers have outrageous backlogs right now, so replaying an old title may not be at the top of everyone's lists. Nevertheless, the Wii's life is coming to a close as Wii U will arrive in a few months. So, what Wii titles do you really want to replay before you purchase a Wii U? Personally...
  12. running_in_jam

    Steam Summer Sale!

    Oh yes (noo!), it's the Steam Summer Sale! The reason I say "no!" is because my wallet has already suffered. Unfortunately as a Mac user, my options are limited. Furthermore, great bargains of games I really want are dangled in my face, but these particular games are actually only available...
  13. running_in_jam

    Monster Hunter 4!

    New Trailer from Capcom summer Jam! It's likely that you've already seen it, but it is awesome, no?? This video shows it windowed with the 3DS at a more realistic resolution.The video above highlights some rather unsightly backgrounds Anyway, I really like that you can attack when...
  14. running_in_jam

    Who's buying the 3DS XL?

    I'm not really interested in spending the money myself. Two reasons: I don't have the money, and I'm happy with my current 3DS. My 3DS also has sentimental value, I wouldn't want to replace it. BUT these pictures do make it look VERY appealing. What do you guys think??
  15. running_in_jam

    The Official Nintendo Enthusiast 3DS Friend Code Thread

    It's fairly straightforward, if you're interested in playing with others in this community, just post your 3DS Friend Code in this thread. Perhaps mention what games you play online as well Feel free to discuss or arrange online matches, or even post while playing if the game doesn't support...
  16. running_in_jam

    Paper Mario Sticker Star

    Have you guys watched the downloadable trailer yet? I only just watched the 3D trailer on my 3DS and I'm certain it showed off WAY more than the trailer at E3 =| I thought it looked fantastic. People seemed to have a few qualms about the sticker concept, but I think it's a really neat idea as...
  17. running_in_jam

    Wii Games on the Wii U GamePad?

    Does anyone know if we'll be able to do this? I wanted to play Pandora's Tower earlier, but my brother was using the TV. I thought "If only I had a Wii U..." but then realised I wasn't sure if Wii games could be played on the GamePad. Also he took my coke the b******!!! >.>
  18. running_in_jam

    Timesplitters 4

    Given the latest rumour, and the rumours over the past months (very small ones..) who else is SUPER excited about the prospect of TS4?? I'm especially excited if it comes to Wii U, simply because the Free Radical chaps have never been shy of Nintendo, and I really think they could add in some...
  19. running_in_jam

    Dead or Alive: Dimensions

    So the demo just came out for UK residents, it'll probably head to the US soon. I was looking forward to it a lot, as I'd been somewhat on the fence about it when it originally came out. As far as fighting games go, I've only ever really enjoyed Soul Calibur as that's just more my thing, but I...