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  1. simplyTravis

    {Spoilers} Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Thread for Winners! {Spoilers}

    It's that time again! A new Xenoblade came out and it was jam-packed with twists, turns, and a boatload of tropes! Consider this thread a safe-space to discuss spoilers with your other winner brethren!
  2. simplyTravis

    Discord Hall of Fame!

    Hey folks! This is the official archive of our Discord chats from rooms that have been put out to pasture. Feel free to make suggestions for rooms to be added or generally discuss Discord policies in here also. All chats will be put in a spoiler tab to avoid taking up too much space. By the...
  3. simplyTravis

    Rename a Game Poorly

    I had made a post a while back for a Tuesday Night TNE where I re-named a few games and thought it might be fun to see if everyone else could come up with alternatives. Here are the rules for posting in this thread: Share an image that represents the game or gameplay Post the title underneath...
  4. simplyTravis

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    Being on the forums for some time I noticed that everyone seems to be....opinionated. Most of the time everyone agrees and works things out, but occasionally there are times where you want to say something to just shake things up. This is the place where you can get your unpopular gaming...
  5. simplyTravis

    What would you suggest as the best way to make Switch voicechat wireless?

    I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to make the Nintendo Switch audio work with a cell phone app in the least obtrusive way possible. Here are some ways I think somebody with the coding skills could make some bank on an app or device. 1 Nintendo Switch Bluetooth TX...
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    Welcome everybody to TUESDAY NIGHT TNE! I noticed that a lot of us are trying to get games going together but we all have busy schedules around here. This thread is a way to get a regular time (8pm CT) that we can come together. You might not be able to make it every week, but you can know that...
  7. simplyTravis

    Official Super Bomberman R Thread - KABOOM!

    Get ready for SUPER BOMBERMAN R on the Nintendo Switch! Did you play Bomberman when you were a kid? Well, if so, you are in luck! Bomberman R comes out on March 3rd which just happens to be the Switch launch. This version of Bomberman looks to take a more old school approach to gameplay in...
  8. simplyTravis

    ミ:コ> Official Splatoon 2 Thread - Booyah!くコ:彡

    Ready... GO! It's time for the Official Splatoon 2 Thread! Booyah! If you are new to Splatoon then you have been missing out. Splatoon 2 is the Nintendo Switch sequel to the splash-hit game on the WiiU where you play a 4 on 4 Turf Battle to spray, roll, squirt, and splat your way to victory...
  9. simplyTravis

    Interview with Denis Dyack : What do you want to ask?

    As a way to prep for E3, I am reaching out to developers, artists, and designers asking for interviews. I was messaged on Facebook by Denis Dyack of Eternal Darkness fame (after reaching out to him) that he would grant me an interview after E3 is over! So, I figured since I will be helping rep...
  10. simplyTravis

    Official Star Fox Zero Thread: "DO A BARREL ROLL!"

    Star Fox Zero is a new Platinum developed sci-fi transforming spaceship shooter on the Wii U. Fly/Drive/Walk/Gyro your way through blazing fast and explosively laser filled levels using twitch controls and barrel rolls! The games unique dual-screen gaming allows you to focus on piloting your...
  11. simplyTravis

    "What to Expect" Series

    Hey folks, I'm wanting to come up with a sort of illustrated article series that pokes fun at various gaming idiosyncrasies and allows me to make sort of mini-illustrations to make the jokes rather than memes. I have a long list of ideas but want to start with Splatoon. I actually have a rough...
  12. simplyTravis

    Miitomo - Share, Comment, Befriend!

    Miitomo is finally out and I've probably played it too much already. I noticed that we don't have a home for Miitomo as it isn't a console game or a 3DS game, so I figured I would put it in Multi-Platform! Feel free to share your QR code for the game to add friends here! Also, let everyone...
  13. simplyTravis

    All The Things You Aren't Supposed to Talk About : Politics, Religion, & Money! && Grammar!!

    The CT is a great place to chat about all things but I notice some issues aren't always welcome. In fact, I remember learning as a kid that there were three things you never talked about when you have company: Politics, Religion, & Money! Well, the hell with that I say! Let's make this a "safe...
  14. simplyTravis

    {SPOILERS} Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread for Winners! {Spoilers}

    IT'S HERE! This is the Xenoblade Chronicles X thread for winners! If you have beaten the game let's talk about it. I'll edit this first post soon, I just had to get it out. Expect a prettier version soon.
  15. simplyTravis

    AMD Polaris - Interesting Interview on Future of PC Gaming

    The Interview: Some of the more interesting points are that They want to essentially "break" Moore's Law by utilizing software + hardware... do this they will open...
  16. simplyTravis

    Board Game Enthusiast

    THE OFFICIAL BOARD and CARD GAME ENTHUSIAST THREAD! I'm SORRY but I'm going to take a RISK posting about board games on a forum which thinks that the idea of playing a game should require a screen and controller but I think that's BALDERDASH! So, if you have a CLUE about gaming you know that...
  17. simplyTravis

    You Know What's Worse Than a Spammer?

    Not much. In fact I think the people who spam boards like TNE are bottom-feeding, wastes of oxygen that are nothing more than the lowly criminals who will not amount to anything. SO, lets talk about things that are better than spammers! Spammers are worst than manure. Pictured Above: Still...
  18. simplyTravis

    ミ:コ> Official Splatoon Thread <コ:彡

    This is it folks. The best place to talk about Splatoon! (Japanese: スプラトゥーン Hepburn: Supuratūn?) is an upcoming third-person shooter video game developed and published by Nintendo for Wii U, which is scheduled for release in Japan on May 28, 2015, and the rest of the world on...
  19. simplyTravis

    "Adults Only" - The Fear of Being Childish

    As I was partaking in some delicious Sumatra coffee this afternoon as I stumbled upon this quote by C.S. Lewis - “Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up...
  20. simplyTravis

    Good Vibes Cause Life Sucks at Times

    Hey folks. I notice that a lot of people in TNE are more "real" than other boards I'm assuming because we are mostly well adjusted adult-ish people and everyone has to wade knee deep in the fecal matter life spews towards us at times. I figured if you need a place to get something off your chest...