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  1. beanboy

    My other broken 3ds xl

    @Kes_The_Dogo Did you figure out how to fix it?
  2. beanboy

    Nintendo Fan-Art

    Aye, a nintendo fan art page. Thanks for bumping this up.:cool: I think I'll do some fan art and post a few of them here.:)
  3. beanboy

    Metroid General

    Yeah Metroid Dread.:cool: Something tells me, encountering those tall robot things in Metroid Dread, that chase after you will be a bit scary.:eek:
  4. beanboy

    Bayonetta 3 (Our favourite tall girl is back!)

    Aye dudes! Bayonetta is back everyone!:eek::cool: From nintendo's youtube channel. And Max's reaction vid. I definitely like her new hairstyle and attire. And I'm curious to find out, what the story in this game is about? Who are these strange enemies? And the secret character close to the...
  5. beanboy

    Nintendo Switch Sales Super Thread

    It's 2021 and switch sales are still doing good. That is nice.
  6. beanboy

    Ninjadynamo's Martial Arts and Sword Q&A discussion!

    I see that Sifu Kuttel is reviewing chinese swords on his channel. That is cool.:cool:
  7. beanboy

    Official Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

    I haven't watched an anime, or read a manga in a long time. I wonder if I'm missing anything? Lol!
  8. beanboy

    Switch Broke All The Rules

    Interesting discussion. But I have a good feeling, that whatever Nintendo's next console is, it's going to break more rules, kick butt, take names, and make heads turn. Literally.:cool:
  9. beanboy

    Samurai Shodown (switch version/DLC questions) and talk

    Aye, Baiken is in the game. Cool!
  10. beanboy

    Nintendo VS Sega, Sony, Microsoft: Who was the best rival?

    I'll answer both questions with one answer. Definitely Sega. They were always like the true, legit competition for Nintendo, that also like nintendo, have alot of memorable characters, and innovative 1st party titles. While the other companies like for example Sony, interestingly always had to...
  11. beanboy

    Monster Hunter World

    I know that Maximillian Dood is a huge fan of this game. I don't blame him though, because the game looks really cool. And Monster Hunter Rise looks cool too.
  12. beanboy

    P.N.03 Gamecube discussion

    Personally, I would like a sequel to this game, just to see what the heck is up, with the mysterious story in this game. But unfortunately, that might never happen.:rolleyes:
  13. beanboy

    Capcom vs. Snk 2 (gamecube etc)

    Okay, cool.
  14. beanboy

    Favorite Ninty Franchise

    For me, it's Metroid Prime all the way.
  15. beanboy

    The Food thread.

    Indian food "curry" all the way dudes!:cool:
  16. beanboy

    Ninjadynamo's Martial Arts and Sword Q&A discussion!

    Aye cool. They have some semi strong plastic training swords, but I think they are a bit to expensive. But yeah, a Tai Chi training sword is most likely better, than a plastic training sword. In my case, I was thinking a bit about getting a Portugese montante, but decided not to, after hearing...
  17. beanboy

    Sony's At It Again!!! Copies Smash Brothers...

    And now nickelodeon has one. Patrick starfish tho. Lol!
  18. beanboy

    I'm gonna do it: Here's a list of every IP concept I thought of recently

    Wow! I haven't heard about 1080° and Custom Robo in a long time. I hope nintendo brings back those games again.
  19. beanboy

    Bloody Roar series/Primal Fury (gamecube) discussion

    I'm glad I bought this game.
  20. beanboy

    PC Games You're Looking Forward to?

    Possibly Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown.