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  1. EvilTw1n

    Videogame Controller Whores Anonymous

    Tell us about your controllers. Regale us with horror stories of terrible third-party gamepads. Inform us of the problems you've had with first-party pads. Give us of your best kludge to fix something. Show us your DIY fight stick.
  2. EvilTw1n

    The Octopath Traveler thread

    ('Cause we need more threads.) This is the sort of game I imagined Switch getting more of. If this had been greenlit a few years ago, it probably would have been a 3DS game. But now? It's got space to thrive, pushing a different visual aesthetic on more powerful hardware while still being...
  3. EvilTw1n

    Metroid: Samus Returns thread of conversartion, admiration, and frustration

    Usually, any new Metroid game is something that causes an uproar, since the series can take generation-long breaks here and there. When Samus returns, she is usually followed by bedlam within the fandom for whatever the reason of the day is - 2D to 3D gameplay, perspective shifts, different...
  4. EvilTw1n

    The 5th* Anniversary Xenoblade (re)Play Through [*Murrica]

    It turns out that @sjmartin79 and I are both playing Xenoblade at the same time. Since April 6 will mark its 5th anniversary since being released here in North America, I thought we should make a thread for anyone that wants to discuss the game (and, of course, OpRainfall - @theMightyME). Post...
  5. EvilTw1n

    Nintendo and the Curse of the Innovator

    It's interesting how disparate things can have a common intersecting point. Sometimes it's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Other times it's alcohol and a pool of my own shame. And yet other times it's Nintendo Hear me out. I'm a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, but...
  6. EvilTw1n

    A 2016 Review of PlayStation TV (or, "why you should buy one"); A Roundabout NX Discussion

    The Strange World of 2 Years Ago Everything you're reading about the PlayStation TV in 2016 is wrong. Well, almost. That's because everything you're reading now was written in 2014. For what it's worth, I'm sure that the problem of missing software content was real enough two years ago...
  7. EvilTw1n

    Did rescuing the 3DS doom the Wii U?

    So, pivoting off of @Odo's thread over here, I've been wondering about this lately. I used to write about this a bit. The turnaround of the 3DS always made me chuckle at the doomsayers. It's why I was more optimistic about the Wii U early on - I truly thought Nintendo would figure it out do...
  8. EvilTw1n

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Countdown I didn't think we'd get another Star Wars, not after George Lucas spent so many hours of his second trilogy on Anakin's teenage angst and the lead-up to Palpatine becoming Emperor. But here we are...
  9. EvilTw1n

    Nintendo "working on sleep tracking alarm clock with a built-in projector"

    So say the sketches and rumors. The data collected will be used to assess the user’s emotional state and calculate their daily ‘sleep score’, with the results being projected on the wall or ceiling...
  10. EvilTw1n

    Microsoft to buy Minecraft maker, Mojang

    $2.5 billion. If the AP is correct, MS expects to break even on the deal in FY 2015. That could be...optimistic.
  11. EvilTw1n

    Sony can't figure out why the PS4 is selling so well

    Via an interview with Eurogamer. ================================= I agree, but I don't think that explains the speed of (PS4) sales. Shuhei Yoshida: Yeah. Actually I'm asking journalists...
  12. EvilTw1n

    Ideal Viewing Distance Enthusiast

    This is kinda interesting stuff. The first link gives you a calculator for optimal viewing distance via an Excel spread sheet (ignore some of the "THX optimal" stuff). Mine is 6.2 feet...
  13. EvilTw1n

    Official "Devil's Third or Devil's Turd?" (hype train vs. train wreck) Thread

    So apart from Splatoon acting as a big-time surprise, Devil's Third was the stealth announcement to end all stealth announcements at E3. Sure, Nintendo did this before with Wonderful 101, but that game's candy-colored, toon-ish vibe (even if the art hides a butt kicker of a difficult game) felt...
  14. EvilTw1n

    Busting Nintendo's Glass Ceiling (and the importance of female gamers)

    Saw this on Wired, featuring lots of info on Aya Kyogoku, the first female director at EAD. It made me think back to Pandora's Tower, my favorite game of the OpRainfall trilogy. If you remember the Iwata Asks dedicated to the game, Chikako Yamakura (who is the representative director of...
  15. EvilTw1n

    [Valve] Redesigned Steam Controller Revealed

    The layout is actually a bit like the Wii U Gamepad - face buttons below the movement controls. But OTOH, the touch screen is gonzo.
  16. EvilTw1n

    [Multi] Irrational Games is no more

    Fried was the first one I saw to drop the bombshell in the CT.
  17. EvilTw1n

    [Multi] The Rebirth of Criterion Games

    They ain't dead. I have my doubts that Criterion is really "masters of their own destiny" (they'll be structured how EA wants them to be structured, until EA no longer owns the studio), but it's nice to see that there's still some spark here, and that they're still doing this new project that...
  18. EvilTw1n

    [MS] Epic sells Gears of War to Microsoft

  19. EvilTw1n

    [Sony] PlayStation Now - "a device-agnostic way to get your last-gen fix"

    Latency will make or break it, of course, but interesting stuff. This could be a great way for Sony to tackle their back-compatibility problem. Hell, if it'll stream to my TV, depending on the price, I'd probably do it.
  20. EvilTw1n

    Watch_Dogs could have been...Driver?

    Ubisoft has revealed that the engine for Watch Dogs was originally intended for a different game focused on driving, potentially in the Driver franchise. Speaking to IGN, Ubisoft North American president Laurent Detoc explained that the team working on the project realized an open-world game was...