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  1. Tucker

    Bullshot Enthusiast

    Who can forget this classic gem?:
  2. Tucker

    Do you feel graphical differences between systems are being downplayed in Gen.8 vs Gen.7?

    This started as a conversation in one of the Skype groups but eventually got a bit out of control for the groups intended purpose. This is transcribed segment contains my argument explaining why I think they are, but why it's totally understandable: [07:16:11 PM] Jason Rose: Whether you find...
  3. Tucker

    I pulled the trigger on ESO

    It's hard to really explain, but there's just something about it I love. Between the lore, the art direction, the way the controls are designed (etc. etc.) it's the first MMO that has genuinely grabbed me. More than that, it's the first time in a long time that any game has grabbed me as much...
  4. Tucker

    So I cleared my entire Facebook friends list out today.

    And I'm not joking - I removed everyone, including family. I got so tired of being chased by the ghosts of my past, and I'm really bad at knowing when it's time to take out the trash. Go big or go home I figured.
  5. Tucker

    Olympic Enthusiast

    I don't want all the Olympic conversation to end up in the CT, so here's your platform for discussion. I know what I care about most is Hockey. What do you care about (and can someone post a Hockey schedule - I'm too busy ESOing). I'm going to open this up with a spot of levity, and love...
  6. Tucker

    Tucker Enthusiast

  7. Tucker

    Automotive Enthusiast

    As Mattavelle and Mr-Chris can attest to, I had to stop the chat dead cold when I saw this picture: (Jaguar F-Type Coupé - it was always handsome as a drop-head, but this is steal-your-breath gorgeous) Then I realized we didn't have an "Enthusiast" thread for the gear/petrol/motor head on...
  8. Tucker

    ITT: Reply to the user above you with nothing but a picture.

    *.jpg, *.gif, *.png, etc - whatever you think fits best.
  9. Tucker

    For those who are unaware [or: for those about to rock]

    TNE has a chat. For those who knew about the chat but noticed it was gone, it still lives: Flash App:
  10. Tucker

    Best worst movie?

    Troll 2, hands down. /div>
  11. Tucker

    Do you eat breakfast?

    And if you do, what do you eat? Me, I have a really bad habit of skipping breakfast and not eating until mid afternoon. I don't make a conscious effort to do it; it just tends to happen.
  12. Tucker

    (!!!) Whoa, the boards just dropped a whole bunch of activity.

    I came home and noticed two of my threads were gone, then I really looked at it, and two pages of Wii U CT had disappeared since I left four hours ago. Is this stuff recoverable?
  13. Tucker

    Off Topic: Fan of the Wii U CT? Come check out the TNE Community Hang-Out!

    About to post in the CT, but feeling what you're saying deserves a thread? The TNE Community Hang-Out is your home away from home! The CT will not be going anywhere, so don't you worry one bit. We're just interested in getting some thread-worthy topics the platform they deserve! Come on by -...
  14. Tucker

    Now this is really fascinating (make sure you get all the way to the bottom):

  15. Tucker

    Is there a key somewhere for getting the different emoticons?

    I'd rather have a drop-down box, but I assume a key would be a lot easier to supply.
  16. Tucker

    The Game Grumps play Ouya title: "Amazing Frog?"

    I highly recommend you relieve yourself before beginning the video :D
  17. Tucker

    Welcome to the Community Hang-Out, one and all!

    Pull up a chair, crack a beer, and make yourselves at home.
  18. Tucker

    Doctor Who [there will likely be spoilers]

    Honestly, this thread simply needed to exist. Uhm... This got posted on my Facebook wall this morning: So, I guess... Peter Capaldi - the 12th Doctor and the supposed whole new set of regenerations: thoughts? Yeah, let's go straight for controversy...
  19. Tucker

    Continuing Tapatalk issues.

    I've been finding that the forum lists are woefully out of date, and even when I try to click a current name in the forum list, no threads ever actually load (after swiping sub-forums to discussions, I might add). I'm currently using the official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone 8. ...and before...