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  1. Juegos

    Unofficial E3 2018 MegaThread

    Everything E3 2018 goes in here. What are your predictions? What do you hope to see? What do you hope to NOT see? Also, come join us in our Discord server to chat during the actual presentations. We'll try to do group voice calls as well, for maximum hype.
  2. Juegos

    What a save! Rocket League Switch Thread

    Rocket League comes out tomorrow. Who's hype? I know I am. For those that don't know exactly what Rocket League is: It's soccer with cars. It can be played 3v3, 1v1, or 4v4. There are Basketball and Hockey game modes; a random item Mario Kart-like game mode; custom community-made scenarios...
  3. Juegos

    "Testing the waters" is a stupid strategy for third party publishers

    Imagine going to a restaurant but they tell you that they won't make you a steak unless you eat a turd first. Or, to be more pleasant, imagine you go to a nice Burger place called Cap Combo Burgers and Shakes or something, and ask for a delicious double cheeseburger with bacon and avocado. But...
  4. Juegos

    How many Wii U's duct-taped together is the Nintendo Switch?

    Hey guys, There is a question that we never settled around these parts, and that is exactly what I wrote in the title: how many Wii U's do you have to duct-tape together to get the power of the Switch?
  5. Juegos

    The Community's Voice - How Are You Liking ARMS so Far?

    Hey guys, I'm restarting an article series we were doing a while back, where we collected responses from the forum members and the front page/Facebook regarding some topic, and put it together on a weekly article. Besides, I've wanted to do a proper "multiplayer review" of ARMS for a while, so...
  6. Juegos

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    With all this online multiplayer goodness we've been getting, and with Splatoon 2 right around the corner, we've forgotten that we'll be able to play Xenoblade 2 in just a few months. I figured now was a good time to start this thread, especially since we got a new interview with Takahashi...
  7. Juegos

    Ultra Street Fighter 2 Thread - Hyper Salty Edition

    Alright guys, so Ultra Street Fightr 2 comes out this Friday. Who's getting it? What character are you going to play first? This thread is for general discussion about the game, organizing matches, sharing tips, bragging about your rank, and talking trash about the first-person hadoken-er mode.
  8. Juegos

    ∙،°. ˘Ô≈ôﺣ » » » Mario Kart 8 Deluxe \ō͡≡o˞̶

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes out for the Switch tomorrow. Who's getting it? Let's get some tournaments going in this thread.
  9. Juegos

    What's the Future of Gaming?

    I've wanted to start this thread since I finished Breath of the Wild, but I was waiting for everyone else to get to the point where they're mostly done with the game before I did that. The point of this thread is to discuss exactly what it says on the title: What is the future of Gaming? There...
  10. Juegos

    Into the Wild - Your Zelda Travel Journal

    As you exit the cave, you are blinded by the Sun. As you shield your eyes under the palm of your hand, you are just able to make out the horizon: lush forests, snow-capped mountains, and glistening ponds lay perfectly still under a thick fog. It is dawn. Now begins your adventure. - How will...
  11. Juegos

    Do you think the NX will be backwards compatible with Wii and Wii U controllers?

    Or do you think the new controller will be so unique that there is no way that older controllers will be compatible for most games? If so, what kind of technology could this new controller have? So the reason for my question is that I've noticed a few posts here and there about how it would be...
  12. Juegos

    Mod Grievances Thread

    Post any and all grievances directed at the mods, or discussion about the actions the mods have taken, in this thread. Anything posted in any other thread that pertains to this subject can be moved to this thread at the discretion of the mods, for the purpose of maintaining those threads on a...
  13. Juegos

    Favorite TV Show Intros and Themes

    What are your favorite TV shows intros or themes? Whether it lasts 10 seconds or two minutes post it here. Even if you only like your show's musical theme (and not the visuals), post it here. If a show has ending themes (like in the case of anime), those count as well.
  14. Juegos

    Best Modern Videogame Music

    Everyone always talks about how great retro videogame music is, but what about the newer stuff? Let's keep it simple. Post great videogame music of the last three generations. Basically, if it's before the PS2/GC era (or before the GBA), it doesn't qualify. Try to not post an excessive amount...
  15. Juegos

    Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo in Toronto For some reason I hadn't posted about this here, but it's pretty important. Enthusiast Gaming, the brand under which TNE, TVE, Gaming Enthusiast, and all these other sites fall under these days, is having it's second expo. It's going to be pretty huge from what I understand...
  16. Juegos

    Post Your Favorite Pre-2000s Albums/Songs

    Like the title says, post your favorite albums and songs that came out before the year 2000. The 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, and earlier decades were a great time for music each in their own way. If you want to recommend something not so well-known to others here, even better.
  17. Juegos

    Banning Alternatives

    Hey everyone, I've been talking to Matt a lot over the past two days, dealing with the whole Cyan and Buddah thing. Out of all that we talked about, one thing stood out to us: why ban? I've always thought it was strange that in message boards there were no alternatives to dealing with disputes...
  18. Juegos

    {-Official Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Thread - Discussion, Tips, Matchmaking-}

    FRIEND CODES: [username] -- [friend code] FriedShoes -- 3325-2069-9650 Ichi_Bear -- 0061-2866-4858 juegosmajicos -- 2964-8579-5302 Koenig -- 4639-9234-2996 mattavelle1 -- 1435-4320-9758 Mr-Chris -- 3995-6974-6695 Shoulder -- 1177-9766-9216 SirNintendo -- 1332-7702-1481 ----- Monster Hunter 4...
  19. Juegos

    [Nintendo] Club Nintendo program being discontinued and replaced with another rewards program. Hopefully some of these new rewards we'll get next month are pretty good. I haven't gotten anything good from Club Nintendo, besides games, in years.
  20. Juegos

    POLL: Do you use the "New Posts" feature, or browse by forum categories?

    Hey guys, simple question: How do you typically browse the forums? Do you browse them by clicking on each forum category separately (Wii U/3DS, Community Hang-Out, Multi-Platform, etc.)? Or do you just go to the New Posts tab on the top and get your threads from there? Or do you use both evenly...