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  1. tekshow

    Help me figure out my 4K stategery

    4K is upon us, the future is here with VR (kinda) and the NX looms in the forever of tomorrow. I'm trying to figure out the most bang for my buck. Mostly because my wife's complaints are directly proportionate to the dollars I spend on electronics. Someday's I think of going on a whirlwind...
  2. tekshow

    How distracted are you refreshing dat NX news?

    I've almost given up the Internet, looking to make a dry run and get off this wagon. If NX news hits at this point I know someone will tell me about it. I used to get the same way when E3 would roll around; my job, daily life, everything would take a back seat while I hoped for news to pop up...
  3. tekshow

    This criticism is the reason we got BotW

    Recently I spotted Indie Game: Life After in Netflix. The it's the sequel to the initial film, and that was good enough to fold laundry to so how wrong could I go with the sequel? I confess I didn't make it all the way through. However I had a jarring realization when they went back in time to...
  4. tekshow

    Games your excited to play on NX? Also,

    Assuming it's a hybrid, is there any game or feature as a result you're chomping at the chain to get to play? The whole convergence thing has me ridiculously enthused. Especially when I ponder that the handheld games will be in 720p at a minimum. No more blown up pixelated DS games on the TV...
  5. tekshow

    Thanks for the Sanctuary AKA Loving the U

    Hey NE gang, I received an invite to come check this place out so I thought I would drop by. I was promised tales of Nintendo, enthusiastic news, and a positive community. Here's to that, cheers! Let's get the ball rolling with my Wii U Launch experience. - Picked up my preorder at Gamestop...