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  1. Wolven

    Albums of 2017

    New year, new thread. Same rules as last year. Hope to get more discussion in here! I will get the ball rolling. This technically came out in 2016, but it came out so late I am putting it here. Run The Jewels - Run the Jewels 3 Killer Mike and El-P outdid themselves. This is my favorite Run...
  2. Wolven

    Nintendo Switch - Official Thread

    THE NINTENDO SWITCH RELEASE DATE: March 3 2017 WHAT IS IT: The Nintendo Switch is the brand new gaming system by Nintendo. Region Free Price Point: 300$ GAMES: CONFIRMED: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Just Dance 2017 Project Sonic 2017 Fire Emblem Warriors Dragon Quest...
  3. Wolven

    NX threads going forward

    So the moment is finally here, and the NX is going to be announced on October 20th at 7am PST. How should we handle NX threads going forward? Would you guys prefer a separate subforum, or should things remain as is? Let us know your thoughts!
  4. Wolven

    Westworld OT - Man was matter, that was Snowden's secret

    WESTWORLD OFFICIAL THREAD INTRODUCTION Westworld is a brand new HBO show, premiering October 2nd, Sunday night. It is a re imagining of the 1973 science fiction film by Michael Crichton, the creator of Jurassic Park. It is being spearheaded by J.J. Abrams, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. It is...
  5. Wolven

    Best Albums of 2016

    Last year brought some great things when it came to music. Same rules apply as last year, post your favorite albums of the year thus far! Even though we are only a few months in, there are some great things to pick from. Here are mine: Blackstar - David Bowie Leaving behind his rock roots...
  6. Wolven

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Official Thread ¦ A Hideo Kojima Game

    METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME The time has finally arrived. Metal Gear Solid V is a massive titan looming in the horizon, getting ever closer. This thread will be dedicated to all discussion of the game. Spoiler mark everything as soon as it comes out. There are...
  7. Wolven

    Best Albums of 2015 So Far

    So we are half way done through 2015. I gotta admit, before this year I was not much of a music person, but now with my Google Play Music subscription I have been downloading and enjoying music left and right. Post your favorite albums of this year thus far. These are mine, they are pretty...
  8. Wolven

    NX Official Thread of Waiting - News, Rumors and Discussion

    So NX has been named dropped quite a bit during the course of E3, so here we will pile up all of the information we know about it, and all the rumors. We first heard of the NX here: First of all, we aren't quite sure what NX exactly...
  9. Wolven

    E3 Fest by LSB and Wolven 2.0

    FOREWORD: As a result of some things that have been happening, the old thread was deleted, unfortunately. Fortunately, I had a copy saved just in case. The mods have been putting a lot of work into improving the forums, I am glad that we just have them back up again. Anyway here it is: round 2...
  10. Wolven

    Nintendo Teaming Up With Universal Studios To Make a Nintendo Park This was just announced. Seems like this will only apply to Universal Orlando and Universal Japan. Extremely looking forward to it, this was one of the big...
  11. Wolven

    The Troubled Development of Destiny

    Destiny was one of the most massively hyped games of the PS4 and XBO generation. Being spearhead by Bungie and funded by Activision, Destiny had a lot of potential. Boasting a half a billion budget, Destiny began being concepted around 2009, as Bungie begun teasing it by putting an easter egg in...
  12. Wolven

    Fatal Frame 5 Information Thread

    After being stealth-announced a couple of months back, Fatal Frame 5 has been shrouded in mystery until now. There was recently a stream on Nico Nico and here I put together all the info I found in it so you all can enjoy. This game is promised to use the gamepad extensively, and will of course...
  13. Wolven

    Child of Light OT: Cause We Need One

    I don't know if many people are as hyped for this game as I am, but I thought this game deserved a thread of its own, cause I mean look at it!!! These are the most next-gen graphics I have seen. Unchanged concept art quite literally scanned in to make a beautiful RPG/platformer game with a...
  14. Wolven

    The 24 and Younger Thread (Just because)

    You know, just to troll the older ones, lets make our own thread ^_^ since we come from the age of rubbing our discs with water and cloth to make it work. So let us begin shall we?What got you into gaming?What was your first console?Which experience blew you away? Anything you want to say...
  15. Wolven

    AE Games Promises to make Wii U their main focus First, you might all want to take this with a huge grain of salt. Look at the name and the logo. AE? EA? Anyway, these guys are promising that they will make Wii U games their main priority. They will be unveiling their first game this Friday.
  16. Wolven

    Calling All Authors!

    I am very sure there are some people here who have written some sort of fiction. So here is a little place I decided to make, since personally I love reading other people's story. So if any of you have any written stories you would like to share with the public, then here is a place for you to...
  17. Wolven

    Wii Would Like To Play. Recommend some games! The OT

    Hey all! This is a thread so you can recommend games to Wii U owners, and ask which games you want depending on the genre you are looking for. Here you can also ask for help if a game is good, and someone will probably answer with a thoughtful response. You can also warn other users to stay away...
  18. Wolven

    Which game is Tantalus Media porting? DISCUSS!

    Ok, so in this we are trying to figure out the Tantalus Media game. Here are the links that they are brought up in:
  19. Wolven

    This is what's wrong with companies today is going on a sue spree on companies that have used Candy. They are also going after The Banner Saga because for some reason vikings can get confused with candy??? I don't know. But this has me extremely mad...
  20. Wolven

    Upcoming 3rd Party and Indie Games for the Wii U. Wallets may Cry.

    Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut PuzzleRelease Date: Q1 2014 Teslagrad: PlatformingRelease Date: Q1 2014 Wooden...