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    ****ing Review Scores, How Do They Work?

    This is why I think a 5 point scale is superior. The score makes more sense from the perspective of "should you play this game or not" than just "how good is this game." 5 means it is really great and you should absolutely play it ASAP. 4 means it is very solid and you should play it. 3 means...
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    Wii U Community Thread

    Finally was able to log back on to the site. I tried what juegos did by clearing my cache and using the password DarkDepths gave me. Now I'll be able to write my review on Tekken 3D Prime Edition when the time comes.
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    Books, Books, Books!

    Unless graphic novels and manga count as books, I really don't really have anything to add to this.
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    Wii U Community Thread

    If it means another place to pimp my blog, then why not?
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    Wii U Community Thread

    So I'll be starting my blog, [insert title], up again in a little over a week. I've got some new formats for the images that I make for my blog, and I can't entirely decide on which one I want to stick with. You guys like this? Or this? Personally, I like the latter more, but I imagine it...
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    Wii U Community Thread

    Hello, new forums.