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  1. ninjadynamo

    Ninjadynamo's Martial Arts and Sword Q&A discussion!

    Hi everybody! So as some of you may know, aside from being a Videogame and Nintendo enthusiast. I'm also a Martial Arts and Sword Enthusiast. I thought it'd be a cool additive to this board to have a discussion thread about both martial arts and swords. If any of you have questions about or...
  2. ninjadynamo

    So what happened over at IGN last night on my Mod thread?

    Obviously it was locked before I was able to see. So I got a few questions for a few of you here who both interacted with it and possibly saw it to the end. Did a mod even show up and comment? Was it silently locked? How long did it go before the lock and ban? Anybody else sick of the BS...