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  1. BobSilencieux

    The Shackled Wolves - 2021 Games Completed Thread

    There's no feature in the game that tells you your win rate, I just worked it out with a calculator!
  2. BobSilencieux

    The Shackled Wolves - 2021 Games Completed Thread

    I've been wanting to put Tetris 99 in this thread too, but yeah, it's not really a game you can "finish." My own personal goal with the game is to finish with a 25% win rate. I've been closing in on that milestone for quite a while now. For a long time, my win percentage was 20% or less but the...
  3. BobSilencieux

    The Shackled Wolves - 2021 Games Completed Thread

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (3DS) Still love it after all these years. However In a post-BOTW world, I couldn't help but feel a little weird going back to the traditional temple template. I dunno. Given that Majora's Mask for a long long time was like 1b on my greatest of all time...
  4. BobSilencieux

    The Shackled Wolves - 2021 Games Completed Thread

    Burnout Paradise (NS) I found this game on the eshop for £12... I'd say it was well worth it. Got nearly 50 hours of pretty good fun out of it, with only a smallish amount of frustration at some of the traffic and racer a.i. I was playing it for a while and thinking "man, I'm sure Need for...
  5. BobSilencieux

    New games are too cheap and it's plaguing the medium

    Apparently the Take-Two CEO recently said that "gamers are ready" for a $70 price tag. Well I sure as shit am not. Especially not for the absolute garbage games that his company peddles. They already make billions and billions of $$$ by turning their "sports games" into loot box gambling games...
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    The Shackled Wolves - 2021 Games Completed Thread

    Guacamelee 2 (NS) * The hard mode run. Loved every minute of it.
  7. BobSilencieux

    The Shackled Wolves - 2021 Games Completed Thread

    Guacamelee 2 (NS) I bought this game at least 18 months ago, maybe more, and for some reason never got round to playing it. I think I just wasn't very excited to play it, which makes me an idiot because I loved the first one and loved this one too! So much so that I got all the DLC and all the...
  8. BobSilencieux

    The Shackled Wolves - 2021 Games Completed Thread

    Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (NS) I loved this game as much as SJ did. Even after getting 100%, I played for another 30 hours getting every character to level 100 and every one of their weapons to level 30, 166 damage. For no reason.
  9. BobSilencieux

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    Yup, for me, the frame rate "issues" are actually great. They never negatively affect the gameplay, in fact, they feel more like a positive bit of feedback. As in, when you manage to tank the frame rate, you know that you are doing some serious SERIOUS carnage!
  10. BobSilencieux

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    And you can drop a giant frog onto an opponent's head for a KO
  11. BobSilencieux

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    I'm really enjoying it. They've done a really great job of cramming so much Breath of the Wild into A Warriors game. I've got 10 playable characters so far, all with such varying play styles that you really have to take the time to develop your techniques with each one... Yeah, it's a great game.
  12. BobSilencieux

    The Great CT - Community Thread

    So I've seen that a few of you are playing Hyrule Warriors this weekend. Are you enjoying it so far? I am, very much so. Having played the previous Hyrule Warriors game, I knew exactly what to expect, and it hasn't let me down so far. I'm loving the BotW coat of paint and seeing the differences...
  13. BobSilencieux

    God Shattering Star - 2020 Games Completed Thread

    Metroid Prime Trilogy - Wii I used to think of the first Prime game as like a 1b to Super Metroid's 1a in the ranking of greatest Metroid games. Very close to the perfection that is Super. ... I mean, it's still good, it's just not *that* good. Still the best in the Prime series. Prime 2 is...
  14. BobSilencieux

    What's your favorite game of all time?

    OK we're doing this. Breath of the Wild. It just is the most incredible game I've ever seen, and I was there in '96 when shops were getting demo units of the N64 with Super Mario 64 and it was the most mind-blowing thing imaginable, seeing {{{3D GRAPHICS!!!}}} Also, Super Metroid, Majora's...
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    Paper Mario The Origami King

    My daughter and I have both been playing it. It's a really lovely game in almost every way. It looks great, as you'd expect by now with one of these games. The dialogue is not only hilarious in places, but also rewarding for long-time Nintendo fans (I've caught references to Breath of the Wild's...
  16. BobSilencieux

    Breath of the wild 2

    This game, and this game alone, is keeping me in a state of childlike giddiness when it comes to the video game industry.
  17. BobSilencieux

    The Great CT - Community Thread

    Hey TNE. It's been a while, I know. Last time I posted was the 18th of December; I then coincidentally received The Switcher 3 for Christmas. I spent 3 months and over 300 hours doing everything I possibly could in that game (Gwent accounted for almost half the total playtime, lol). By the end...
  18. BobSilencieux

    Go away 2020 we're still talking about the 2010s/GOTY 2019 thread for incredibly sexy people

    Wait, we're really doing a retrospective on an entire decade now?! That's a lot of time to look back over. It's my thirties. At the start of this decade, I had a 14 month old baby and a girlfriend I hated being with. I still lived in my hometown and I still had 2 perfectly functioning knees and...
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    World of Light - 2019 Games Completed Thread

    Astral Chain - NS This is a thoroughly excellent game. I feel like it's flying under the radar a bit; I'm not seeing a great deal of talk about it, but my goodness, it certainly warrants being talked about! It's just so comprehensive, so extensive. It's way closer to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 than...