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  1. hogge

    Interresting Sega Saturn games?

    So I've always thought that the Sega Saturn is the sexiest looking console ever. Lately I've noticed how cheaply you can get your hands on one. The thing is that I became a gamer when the Saturn was already, in essence, dead. Thus I have very little knowledge of what games are available for...
  2. hogge

    Your lineup?

    I believe that we all can agree that the Wii U lineup from first and second parties is questionable at best. I don't really see a software drought, I see more of a problem that Nintendo have greenlit the wrong games.So this thread is about what you think Nintendo should have done.Now I'm not...
  3. hogge

    N64 graphics specs?

    I'm currently learning to program in Unity, so like a slight side-project I'm making a simple game which I want to look like an N64 game. So I was curious if anyone here knows anything about what texture resolutions and poly counts that commonly were used on vehicles on the N64,
  4. hogge

    Velocity Stream

    [Verified Wii U Developer] Hey there, enthusiasts!I'm CEO and designer at Cavelight Entertainment, a swedish indie developer.We are currently working on a unique racing game called Velocity Stream. It's an asymmetric racing game where one player controls an aircraft called a Paver. The Paver...