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  1. Mr-Chris

    Nintendo Franchises: Your opinions on each

    Figured we should have a whole thread for this since people were using that other thread for it. So please, copy and paste the list and add any missed one and share your thoughts. Maybe even rustle some jimmies while you're at it. My thoughts: Animal Crossing - Don't interest me Donkey Kong -...
  2. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris and his friends with ZBN make another Podcast!

    We made another video that I was in! In this longer than usual ep we basically do a 'March Madness' type thing but with games! It was a very fun episode to do. I even managed to mention TNE quick! But yeah, watch it if you want. Our site is on hiatus but we're still making videos. Enjoy :)
  3. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris and his friends at did a podcast about Star Fox!

    I just felt like sharing this particular video, I doubt anyone will watch it but perhaps some of you will. It's mostly me talking about how much I love the series lol. But we also have some fun discussion. Feel free to check out other podcast eps and too! pluglplugplug
  4. Mr-Chris

    What is your 'comfort' game(s)?

    We all know what comfort eating is, where you have a particular food that you always go back to and scoff perhaps and it's always a good time. For this thread I ask you TNE, what are some of your comfort games? Games that you always play because you just feel at home there or something. Like...
  5. Mr-Chris

    Favourite Title Screens in games

    So I've been playing Ocarina of Time 3D recently and just thought this would be a fun thread. What are your favourite title screens in any games? For me, my #1 favourite is OoT.....dem goosebumps....dat piano.....dat epona.....dat moon.... How about you guys?
  6. Mr-Chris

    What do you listen to? Music DISCUSSION

    I thought in this thread we could discuss some of our favourite musicians/artists/bands/etc. The other thread is just for posting videos of what you listening to in that moment. Here I was hoping we would share who our favourites are, maybe discover some new ones, find out who else loves the...
  7. Mr-Chris

    My day at the London Comic con in pictures

    So this past Friday I went to the MCM London Comic con with some poeplez. I will now present to you all the pictures I took! This was the first convention I went to and I enjoyed it very much and I will definitely go again (there's another in october, might go again then). There was a lot of...
  8. Mr-Chris

    TNE is Smashing!

    Okay guys here it is, the things I've been working on, hope ya'll enjoy. I did these in Paint.NET and I ain't no pro so these are not perfect. I got to a point where I couldn't be asked to make more so sorry if you're not included! Lol. I may do more after this post any way, though you guys are...
  9. Mr-Chris

    Your favourite TNE member voices

    So, we have awesome sounding users in this community, especially with our cultural diversity and what-not. I thought we'd share our favourite user voices! This could sorta be like the audio version of that 'person behind the user' thread. You guys can post videos with you in them, have some...
  10. Mr-Chris

    Emma Watson Enthusiast

    We need as many pictures as possible of Ms. Watson ITT. Gifs as well, lots of GIFs. Go! I'll start.
  11. Mr-Chris

    How I think of Nintendo

    Couldn't think of a better title, so maybe my writing will do it's job lol Anyway, I remember saying something similar before but.....something about Nintendo just seems good. And by good, I mean like that their games and consoles are made by good people. And by good people I mean that it feels...
  12. Mr-Chris

    Tattoo Enthusiast

    Hey! Any of you guys have any tattoos? What are they? Care to share them? Anything gaming related? Maybe post some pictures? Maybe you are looking at getting one or just want to discuss them, they can be very cool indeedy. I'll start the conversation off and I swear I didn't just copy and paste...
  13. Mr-Chris

    What's in your 3DS slot RIGHT NOW?

    That's right, I don't care if your little sister left in Hello Kitty's Super Adventure in your 3DS cartridge slot, you're telling that so in this thread! Antics aside, what actually is in your 3DS' cartridge slot right now? For me FE:Awakening has been in there for months lol. Near the end of...
  14. Mr-Chris

    Explain your avatar/icon!

    So some people here have interesting icons. Cool, weird, creepy, awesome, etc. They come in all different forms. Now I just thought it would be cool if we looked into them more since some peoples I don't get at all lol. Why do you have that icon? Who is the character in it? Did you make it? Why...
  15. Mr-Chris

    Describe the user above you using the first letter of their username.

    Thought this would be a fun idea to see how we view each other or something. Just describe the user above you in one word with the first letter of their username. For example you might call me 'manly'. I would not recommend using that adjective however as you would look a fool describing me as...
  16. Mr-Chris

    So how's your backlog looking?

    So from having a summer job I was able to obtain money (As you do from working) and in turn I ended up spending money on a load of games. I already had some games that still needed playing and yeah my backlog's got some meat on it lol.Anyways thought this would be a nice discussion, maybe ya'll...
  17. Mr-Chris

    Favourite news from the latest 3DS Nintendo Direct?

    So we got a lot of exciting news today. Some new info on games we already know about like LEGO City, M&L Dream Team Bros, Mario Golf etc. There was announcements for new games too like Yoshi's Island, Mario Party, a slew of eShop titles like Bugs vs Tanks (From Keji Inafune of Mega Man fame no...
  18. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris report in!

    Yes that was a Star Fox reference. Sorta. So I found the Introduce Yourself section of the forum and thought I might as well use it. So I'm Chris, you might know me from IGN. In a nutshell, I love Nintendo and all good vidya geams, love TV and Music and I like to think I'm rather friendly. Oh...
  19. Mr-Chris

    What's on your Nintendo Christmas list?

    Didn't see a thread of this so I thought I'd post it myself. So is there anything Nintendo related on your X-Mas list? I'm sure there's some of you wanting Wii U's and games? I'd like one too but my family aren't the richest. I know I'm getting some Game vouchers however. So how about you...