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  1. sjmartin79

    Super Mario Maker 2 - Level Sharing

    Super Mario Maker 2 has arrived! And it is pure joy! In this thread, feel free to share any levels you've made. Make sure to include your course ID and a description of the course. We'll be happy to play them. Likes are appreciated. As is constructive criticism. Happy Making!
  2. sjmartin79

    Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp (Friend Code Exchange & Discussion)

    So, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is out on mobile. I know we aren't all connected on social media, so if anyone gets it and wants to exchange ID #s, here is the place to do it. Mine is: 7388-3148-625
  3. sjmartin79

    My Big Gay Wedding

    After a year of planning, the day that felt like it would never come finally arrived. On March 24, 2016, Steve2 and I got married! It was a long, strange journey, and never again will I take for granted all that goes into planning a wedding. Let’s rewind a little bit and go back to the...
  4. sjmartin79

    Majora's Mask - Target Leak??

    A Canadian Target employee, labels for Majora's Mask for the 3DS have been printed and put unto shelves. Whether this is true or a very elaborate online hoax has yet to determined, but I'm hoping it is real.
  5. sjmartin79

    Best Buy Sale - Assistance Needed

    So starting on July 20th, several 3DS games will be available at Best Buy for Buy 1 Get 1. They include: Pokemon X Pokemon Y Kirby Triple Deluxe Yoshi's New Island Tomodachi Life The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Braveley Default Mario Golf: World Tour Mario Party: Island Tour Disney...
  6. sjmartin79

    Fast Play or Slow Burn - How Do You Play a New Game?

    This started as a small topic of conversation in another thread, but @mattavelle1 thought it would be a good topic on its own, so I decided to finish what I started and do just that. So, here it is: When you're playing a new game, do you try to binge-play and rush through thus finishing as...
  7. sjmartin79

    Rumor - Skylanders Style Game using Nintendo Characters

    I know this is just a rumor: But when I think about it, if done correctly, and I do believe Nintendo could do it correctly, this could be a system seller. This would be the title that gets kids buying the Wii U. Look how popular the...
  8. sjmartin79

    Spitballing - Arkham-esque game featuring the X-Men

    This post has nothing to do with any actual game or any game in development. It's just a dream idea of a game, but I'm having trouble fleshing out things, so I thought I'd turn to the knowledgeable guys here for some assistance. (And maybe this is the wrong section of the forums for it to be...
  9. sjmartin79

    Apple TV and the looming threat of an Apple Gaming Console

    There has been a lot of talk recently about the updates coming to the Apple TV. Major speculation about how a large part of it will be about gaming. Currently, Apple, through their mfi certification process, is working with 3rd parties to develop a "successful" controller to be used for...