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  1. GaemzDood

    What Does "Next Gen" Mean for Your Backlog?

    I am admittedly paranoid about how bad the cross gen situation will be once the PS5 and "Nextbox" launch. There's six platforms to optimize for this time around, and since the standard Xbox One and PS4 Pro haven't had the adopters Microsoft and Sony were expecting, you can expect those to get...
  2. GaemzDood

    Sega Wants to Make a Comeback, for Real This Time: What Can be Done?

    They're actually committed to quality control this time around. Meaning we'll hopefully get Sonic Mania in 3D (aka Sonic Utopia being financed) and less Forces. On that note about Sonic... Look, as much as I like Unleashed's daytime levels and Generations, the boost formula has become...
  3. GaemzDood

    How to Remake Some of My Favorite FPS Games

    I was inspired to make this since Doom 3 was brought up. Since I'm a big FPS fan, the main games (aka my favorite shooters from the past decade) I would like to see remade are Doom 3, Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield + Athena Sword, Far Cry 2, and the SOCOM trilogy. Starting with Doom 3, since it...
  4. GaemzDood

    Nindies Highlight Thread

    Because @Juegos asked me to and I wanted to do it. Past Nintendo consoles have often been criticized for the lack of variety in their libraries. For instance, name me at least 15 shmups, visual novels, or 2D fighters on the N64, GameCube, Wii, or Wii U. Indies are great at providing games with...
  5. GaemzDood

    Kamiya Said He Wanted to Make a Game Where Bayonetta and Dante Meet, Would You Like That?

    That's a rhetorical question, because I know the answer is yes. Also, it would be a tag team game because having them fight is retarded as hell and Kamiya even said that. He...
  6. GaemzDood

    The Official Nintendo Switch Rumors Thread

    Since 2018 seems to be the year for Switch rumors and I'm sure people are getting annoyed by my rumor spam in other threads, I decided to make it its own thing. However, don't post any "leaks" from r/kappa. Here are some highlights so far: Ridge Racer 8 is a Switch exclusive. Rad Rodgers and...
  7. GaemzDood

    Did Twilight Princess Feature More Objectionable Content Then We Were Made to Believe?

    When Twilight Princess came out, a lot of people were disappointed in the fact that it wasn't anywhere near as grimdark as it was hyped to be. In fact, many even asserted that Majora's Mask was still the darkest in the series, and while that may be true, Twilight Princess still has way more...
  8. GaemzDood

    Call of Duty, Where Art Thou?

    I've been playing Call of Duty since I was in 3rd grade (if you're wondering, no, I wasn't a squeaker) and I've owned and put tons of hours into every Call of Duty installment including the bad ones like Call of Duty 3 and the DS titles. I've even played the Wii versions of some (well, just...
  9. GaemzDood

    Four Steps That Can Make a Big Impact on Saving the Xbox Brand

    The Xbox brand has hit its high point through the pre-orders of the Xbox One X and titles like Cuphead, but its also in trouble. With Nintendo actually bothering to compete this time, resulting in a 10 year peak stock, Microsoft has been blowing it in the area that counts: the games. Microsoft...
  10. GaemzDood

    The Nintendo Switch Games I Feel Like Mentioning Omnibus

    Rather than listing every game on the Switch, I want to use this as an opportunity to highlight AAA games on the platform, games with good production values, and games targeting an older audience. - 2064: Read Only Memories - Anonymous;Code - A Normal Lost Phone - Another Lost Phone: Laura's...
  11. GaemzDood

    Alternate History: GameCube Edition (I use the word 'would' a lot)

    The N64 was before my time, so it's hard to cover. So, to recap on what happened with the GameCube, third party support floundered initially due to a lack of a dedicated software development ecosystem, with developers lamenting that Nintendo was shrugging them off. To add to the shortage of...
  12. GaemzDood

    PlayStation Vita Hacks, Overclocking, and a Retrospective

    While the Vita has come under fire for "having no games" (objectively untrue) in addition to Sony's poor business practices with it (objectively true, see poor marketing and memory card prices), it did quite a bit of things early on that we take for granted with the Switch. Playing handheld...
  13. GaemzDood

    I'm gonna do it: Here's a list of every IP concept I thought of recently

    I thought these up as a way for Nintendo to better capture the install base of 3rd party developers while still allowing 1st party games to sell well. It makes a lot of sense to me honestly. - 1080°: For a 1080° reboot, the game would feature slopes from around the world and a steep learning...
  14. GaemzDood

    The Return of Middle Market Games

    While I would theoretically harken back to the days of the middle market, I was young when these type of game releases were thriving. For those unaware, the middle market is where experimental games that have budgets bigger than indies, but not as big as AAA games go. Usually, these games...
  15. GaemzDood

    I Think I Figured Out Nintendo's 3rd Party Woes

    We all acknowledge Nintendo is severely lacking in this regard, but why they do is up for debate. Is the audience too different? Do they market 3rd party content poorly? What the hell is it? After thinking (not so) hard about it, I came up with an answer. The short version: They don't use...
  16. GaemzDood

    Retro Gaming Enthusiast

    So basically, I thought to create a thread dedicated to all things retro gaming. Instead of loading up the board with various retro gaming threads, I thought "why not dump them all in here." Various discussions for various retro gaming topics are wholeheartedly welcomed and outright encouraged.
  17. GaemzDood

    A Case for a Powerful Nintendo Machine

    This thread is completely edited from its original incarnation. If you want to see it, become a mod. In my opinion, the Switch is a brilliant handheld with uncontested handheld visuals. However, as a console...ehhh. I mean, it is still way better than the Wii U. However, the power holds...
  18. GaemzDood

    Textured 3D Game Boy Advance Titles

    First of all, excuse the thumbnails. The site is glitched and only lets me post thumbnails. The image URL feature is broken and only worked with one game. The GBA can technically render texture maps and polygons despite being closer to the SNES graphics wise. However, it can only be done via...
  19. GaemzDood

    Post Your 3DS Collection in This Thread

    Out of all of those, I've only beaten MGS3: sub-20 FPS without frame skipping edition. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get cases for Xenoblade and Star Fox 64. Also worth noting is that I'm picking up Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers this Friday. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  20. GaemzDood

    Top 10 Xbox One Scorpio Upgrades I'd Like to See

    There's no doubt that Quantum Break is artistically stunning and visually ahead of its time, but the compromises do show on Xbox One. The game launched with a horrible 4 frame reconstruction that would completely break down in motion in addition to the horrendous ghosting it caused (to put it...