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    Official Super Mario Odyssey Thread - "Woohoo!"

    Alright, guys. You know the drill. You know the name. And you know the name of the game. Let's do this! Reveal Trailer: Launch Date: Holiday 2017
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    What if Nintendo ends up calling the NX...the Nintendo NX?

    Yay or Nay? Honestly, I think it would be a cool name. The DS was originally a code name and then Nintendo ended up sticking with the name, so why not the NX code name? Still don't know what NX stands for, but Ninty can figure it out.
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    TNE, when do you typically shower?

    I think the title speaks for itself, but to explain further, when you take a shower (and I sure hope you do unless you live in the wild, or a cave), do you typically shower in the morning after waking up and getting ready for work, or in the evening before heading to bed? I personally...
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    ~~The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread~~

    *Thanks for this photo, LSB from the other thread. It owns!* Yeah, ummm so is this thing on? Yeah, we are here to talk about all things XCX. Oh, and who plans on getting the Special Edition? Anyone? Anyone? Anyway, carry on wayward, Son...
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    What game do you suppose is Tantalus' AAA Wii U port?

    As was reported yesterday, Tantalus are hard at work with yet another "AAA next-gen port" which will be unveiled soon and released later this year. And it has my balding scalp tingling with desire. What could this be? We have some hints that include it's from a "top-notch publisher," and it's...
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    Shoulder Media Network

    To kick things off, I made a quick test video last night, but figured it would be a nice way of introducing myself to this. Stay tuned for more shenanigans. EDIT (03/08/2015): Decided to update the title of the thread because I felt like it. Deal with it.
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    Pop quiz, hot shot!

    Terrorist has a gun at your head, and to prove it's real, he fires it by your feet and leaves a bullet hole. Terrorist hands you a device with two buttons, a red one, and a blue one. He tells you there's a bomb in a populated area with the potential to kill hundreds. If you press the red button...
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    Martial Arts Enthusiast

    Do you enjoy martial arts? Do you enjoy watching action stars kicking ass on-screen, or in real life? Do you enjoy reading up about the arts (MMA, UFC, Boxing, etc all apply of course), or do you even study and train in it yourself? Well, this is the place for you. Let's kick things off with...
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    Summer/Fall Video Project: F-Zero GX

    How's it going, everyone? So over the past year, I've made references to a video project I've been wanting to do, and for some of you I even mentioned the game, but I almost always on purpose never followed through with it. Well now, I'm here to tell you that I'm making my video project...
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    The universal beauty of Gaming

    Stole this from Reddit, but it was just such a cool little story, I had to make a thread about this. We talk a lot on these forums about how we are all Gamers, and why we just love to game. But it's more than...
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    Photography Enthusiast

    Yes, as the title states, this thread is all about photography. Regardless of what you shoot with, what matters most is the end result. Cameras, like paint brushes, are merely tools enabling us to create a picture for everyone to see. So let's talk about the photos we take, the gear we use, the...
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    Don't expect another patch for Batman: Arkham Origins This part right here is why some AAA developers are failing as developers: "If we do move forward with creating a new patch, it will try to address the progression blocking bugs for players, not the...
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    LTTP: My thoughts on how Dexter ended (SPOILERS)

    So a few days ago, I finished watching Dexter, after I stopped watching it after season 5. Over the past week, I binged watched the 6th, 7th, and 8th seasons of Dexter, and I definitely had a lot to think about after it ended. When the final episode ended, I was angry. I was angry at Dexter at...