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  1. MANGANian

    Devil's Third: NA release act

    So Nintendo uploaded a video to their main account on youtube, hosted by Mr. Itagaki himself. After going through the gameplay, the game looks really fun despite the graphics. Now we all know how the game got critically and near universally panned from the notable gaming media outlets. On the...
  2. MANGANian

    About Castlevania Lord of Shadows 3DS

    Am I the only one who don't like the direction Castlevania has taken? It has been rebooted into an action heavy platformer. Don't get me wrong, it was always an action/platformer but it has a lot more action to it and plays like God of War. There is no more amazing soundtracks, only...
  3. MANGANian

    I have arrived!!

    I have no idea why I'm feeling childish wonder just for joining a forum group (yes, I am weird) My username is MANGANian, formerly nicknamed Endial; currently nicknamed Ensaru. I frequent the IGN Nintendo boards and now I'm planning on frequenting here also, fgisdfaji, hrmm, excuse me, fitful...