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  1. jorgejjvr

    AnimeGames&More Channel

    Hello guys, I recently created a channel where I am going to be talking about Anime and Games in the near future. For now, I started with anime. I love to watch countless anime, I gave up TV for simply anime haha. It's pretty much all I watch. And as soon as I am done with an episode, I like to...
  2. jorgejjvr

    Let's Talk Nintendo: THAT feeling...

    Listening to this while writing this, maybe you should listen to it as you read :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You know the feeling The feeling of playing your first video game ever and...
  3. jorgejjvr

    Gamestop doing midnight release for smash bros 3ds

    This news is from my local gamestop, they told me that they received an email that they will have a midnight release on October 2nd for the game, get hyped!!
  4. jorgejjvr

    The legend is here, the legend is U!

    Come up with your own Legend of Zelda U catchphrase, motto, and or marketing logo! Something that would be catchy and help advertise the game and the system! Mine is a bit cheesy but I didn't currently have much else in mind haha. Have fun with this and let us know your unique catchphrases!
  5. jorgejjvr

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS at SDCC: All 1v1

    Loving Rosalina ;) Looking forward to playing with her
  6. jorgejjvr

    Mario Kart 8 League (

    I was one of the original supporters and I just wanted you guys to know about it. Could be a lot of fun! From: is officially live! Season 1 starts next Tuesday, July 29 so register today. " is a worldwide...
  7. jorgejjvr

    Xenoblade Chronicles X GameXplain Discussion

    The spiritual sequel to my all time favorite game, I just had to post this:
  8. jorgejjvr

    Let's Share Nintendo: Passion Beyond Games

    So, this is a series to brighten up the forums a bit more. In here I will share certain personal details and experiences with you my fellow reader, friend, and gamer. I don’t know about you but I take my gaming very seriously. I replay some of my favorite games very often, and I am quick to...
  9. jorgejjvr

    Let's Talk Nintendo: Innovation

    How do you define innovation? Think about this before you continue to read, ponder about this for a moment… It must be hard in this day and age [to define innovation] when arguably everything has already been done or its on the drawing board waiting to be revealed. When it comes to gaming...
  10. jorgejjvr

    Lets talk Nintendo: Good Old Gameplay

    I remember watching E3 last month. Such an amazing time of the year for gamers. Games are unveiled, trailers are shown, and a multitude of people gather together to see a spectacle on stage. Back in the day, games used to be about gameplay. It was exciting. What is this game doing different...
  11. jorgejjvr

    Let’s Talk Nintendo: The Case for Color

    I really enjoy writing and I wanted to share one of my blogs/editorials with you guys. I hope you all enjoy! I'm thinking of having a sort of series called 'Let's Talk Nintendo' and have a different topic every time, anything interesting that gets me writing and that I would like to share with...