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  1. beanboy

    PawByte - Ambitious, crazy and sometimes logical

    Best of blessings and luck to you guys, in your game dev journey.:cool:
  2. beanboy

    Extreme Heart - Mech Fighting Action!

    Nice. Just work on the animations, graphics and effects a bit more etc. Keep at it dude! This'll definitely turn out great.:cool:
  3. beanboy

    Black Knight: Some Questions

    Well, you just answered your own question. Good ideas dude. And put in a few bouncy platforms, where you can bounce jump, to higher parts of the level too.:)
  4. beanboy

    Sneaky Ninja: a 2D stealth platformer blend of 'Mario' and 'Mark of the Ninja'

    From what I've seen in the vid, this looks really cutesy and fun. And those bouncy ninja characters, look like they'll fit in well, in a nintendo game, or a Kirby game too.
  5. beanboy

    Woodle Tree: Adventures!

    Wow! That game looks like alot of fun dude. This game was made with Unity? Great work! I like the name of the game and I really like the art style alot too. :)