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  1. Geek_Things

    Xbox GamerTag List

    Here is a Xbox Gamertag thread. I will post an update as needed. Please List your Xbox Consoles and Gamertag NE Name Systems Gamertag Geek_Things 360 and ONE M0NKEY_H0U5E
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    PSN ID's

    Here is a PSN ID thread. I will update the OP as needed. Please List your Playstation Consoles and PSN ID NE Name Systems PSN ID Geek_Things PS3, PS4, Vita Lou-igi
  3. Geek_Things

    Best Buy: Steel Diver and Pilot Wings

    ONLY $4.99 EACH!!!!!! My BB was sold out of PilotWings
  4. Geek_Things

    Nintendo Direct 6/22

    Did everyone see it? 3DS XL is coming on August 19 for $199.99. New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be releasing same day. Namco Bandai is helping with SSB4 in order to 'Finish game in a timely fashion. New Professor Layton coming out for 3DS I guess thats the main stuff. discuss...
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    Geek Things: General Gaming videos

    Hey, Nintendo fans! I wanted to start a thread didcated to my non-Nintendo related YouTube videos. I hope you enjoy them. Please comment, rate , and subscribe to the channel. Your feedback would be great too.
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    Anybody still playing Wii?

    I recently starting dusting off my Wii (no pun intended you pervs) finally playing Skyward sword and saw that SSBB is now $29.99 new. I was wondering if anyone is still playing it?
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    Keys to Nintendo's E3 Conference

    Well Sony and Microsoft had good Conferences but Nintendo is in prime position to Steal all the spotlight. 1. When it comes to 1st party Focus on the Big Guns (Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario, Star Fox) 2. Don't get carried away with too casual of games 3. Show off the big 3rd party hardcore...
  8. Geek_Things

    Balrog Sent Me

    Hey, I'm LBD and I found this site through @balrogthemaster on twitter. I have my own youtube channel about Geek Things like gaming reviews, Retro commentary, and other geeky type things. I've always been a Nintendo fan especially when it comes to retro gaming. Since the WiiU was announced I've...