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  1. Geek_Things

    Geek Thing's Retro Nintendo Youtube vids

    Thanks! Wife and I got married last October and was working my ass off till we moved halfway across the county mid 2014. Finally got my Game room together and got a new camera. I have plans to get my channel rolling.
  2. Geek_Things

    [Sony] PlayStation Now - "a device-agnostic way to get your last-gen fix"

    Definitely Love the direction. Not only adding Backwards compatibility to PS consoles but also adding functionality to play games on smartphones, tablets, and even internet capable tv's may be a game changer.
  3. Geek_Things

    PSN ID's

    Wow I didn't know. I'll just to an Update post every so often. Thanks!
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    ~~ Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Discussion ~~

    How many people from the site play Ghosts on the WiiU. Do more people in general play Ghosts on the WiiU than they did with Blops2? I had BLOPS2 on the WiiU and only remember on seeing a few hundred people at any one time online.
  5. Geek_Things

    ~~ Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Discussion ~~

    Anybody have the game for PS4 or Xbox One by any chance?
  6. Geek_Things

    Xbox GamerTag List

    Here is a Xbox Gamertag thread. I will post an update as needed. Please List your Xbox Consoles and Gamertag NE Name Systems Gamertag Geek_Things 360 and ONE M0NKEY_H0U5E
  7. Geek_Things

    PSN ID's

    Here is a PSN ID thread. I will update the OP as needed. Please List your Playstation Consoles and PSN ID NE Name Systems PSN ID Geek_Things PS3, PS4, Vita Lou-igi
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    [Multi] Analyst: Call of Duty: Ghosts’ numbers are ‘troubling’

    You are right about the machine pistols for sure. Personally I think the Modern Warefares were overrated or at least I didn't get a ton of playtime till MW3. The COD MP just didn't grab me until MW3.
  9. Geek_Things

    My New Favorite Exec: Shuhei Yoshida

    Works for my niece and nephew :P
  10. Geek_Things

    Can PS4 keep this up?

    I think that Sony can keep up the pace. I think Sony's main competitor is Microsoft in that they make games for a similar audience. Sony has a bigger stable of exclusives than Microsoft so if they can hold on until Infamous comes out and they show off new games like the new Uncharted game, they...
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    My New Favorite Exec: Shuhei Yoshida

    The Vita is great handheld. Its just not the handheld of choice for the younger generations because the games are more geared towards more matures ages like mid to late teens and up. Unfortunately I believe those ages don't really have much time for handhelds or would rather play a home console...
  12. Geek_Things

    My New Favorite Exec: Shuhei Yoshida

    I doubt he meant it that way. I'm as much a fan of Nintendo as the next guy but Nintendo has had that perception for a while and I can see the point.
  13. Geek_Things

    [Multi] Analyst: Call of Duty: Ghosts’ numbers are ‘troubling’

    I like COD a lot but Ghosts definitely isn't the best in the Franchise. Personally I like MW3 the best. The landscape of FPS is changing. Personally I'm fine with Modern shooters staying the norm but I welcome futuristic shooters.
  14. Geek_Things

    My New Favorite Exec: Shuhei Yoshida

    I've never heard Shuhei sound anything less than genuine. He has spoken multiple times on his love of Nintendo and about how much he play their system. Also I would love to change my PSN name...Lou-igi has got to go.
  15. Geek_Things

    Does nintendo being so family friendly bother you?

    Wow, I can't believe what I'm hearing. Uncharted is a great franchise IMO. I love the character and how they interact. The overall tempo and Indian Jones style really hits me. As for The Last of Us I thought was a brilliant game that really helped the idea that video games are Art argument. As...
  16. Geek_Things

    Nintendo confirms E3 Nintendo Direct June 11

    Can't wait! Show off your big guns, Nintendo!
  17. Geek_Things

    **TNE Podcast Discussion**

    I'll have to check out the podcast. Maybe tonight.
  18. Geek_Things

    CoD BLOPS 2 question - is it worth it for the single player?

    BLOPS2 is a very decent game. The story isn't as great Blops1 and the MP is not as good as MW3 or any other Infinity Ward made COD game. That being said, Blops2 is a good FPS game.