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  1. DarkDepths

    Monty Hall Nerd Thread for COOL KIDS

    So I agree that Rich is short-sighted, though I think that's separate from his reactionary nature. Alas, you are 1000% wrong about the Monty Hall problem. It is proven theoretically, and plays itself out in simulation. That last real challenges fizzled out the 90's when computer simulation...
  2. DarkDepths

    Sudoku By Me! (Runs in your Web Browser!)

    I'll follow this post up with another on some of the technicalities, but for those who don't care, I'll show you a pretty picture, tell you what my program does, and then give you a link. Keep in mind that I really didn't have any grand purpose for making this, so I just decided that it would...
  3. DarkDepths

    GalleryEnthusiast! (A WordPress plugin...)

    So, some of you might not exactly consider this to be "creative", but I've been creatin' so I'm postin'! =P It's a WordPress plugin for making awesome Galleries for your site! It's not finished yet. I had hoped to be a lot further than I am right now, but I sort of decided to go a little...
  4. DarkDepths

    Zelda U Speculationganza!

    The Nintendo Digital Event this year was pretty great, but I think a lot of us were hoping for a bit more information on the new Zelda game for Wii U. Sure, it looks awfully pretty, and the few details we were given were quite enticing, but Aonuma didn't really let much slip. I want more...
  5. DarkDepths

    DarkDepths Cycling Adventure!

    OK, so I'm back from my trip. This is going to be a pretty long post detailing it, if you want to read about my experiences... with BEARS! Also, note that none of these photos are are from the trip. I just took them from Google Images. One of the other guys has a nice DSLR camera and he was...
  6. DarkDepths

    Post your Desktops!

    Truthfully, I don't really care about your icons, I just want to see what you guys use as background images on your desktops! So either way is fine by me. I'll just show you the image I use. I made it a while ago: There, I showed you mine, now you show me yours!
  7. DarkDepths

    Sonic Lost World - Really an exclusive?

    So I'm a little bit skeptical about this if only because of the wording in the Nintendo Direct. Iwata said "...will launch exclusively..." Everyone immediately jumped on it as an exclusive title for Nintendo, but my first thoughts were "timed exclusive". Is there any clarification on this...
  8. DarkDepths

    Question about NNID

    Hey folks! My uh... friend... didn't get a WiiU and "he" has a question. Of course, I'd answer it myself but blerg blah blerh her. So anyways, what's the deal with the Nintendo Network ID's? I've read that once an NNID has been setup on a system, it can't be used on others (though presumably...
  9. DarkDepths


    I was debating between posting this here or in the GameDev forum, so if Menashe wants to move it, Menashe can go right ahead! Anyways, ProjectEuler is a website that basically has a bunch of math problems. I realize that I lot of you will read that statement and go "erm...." but if you didn't...