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  1. ZyroXZ2

    Which Console Should You Buy This Holiday? 2015 Edition

    A very infamous character returns to threaten consoles into telling you about themselves. Wait, that sounds weird... Perhaps there is a more normal way to go about deciding... P.S. Mods, this can be moved to TNE Media if it seems a better fit there, but the video itself isn't a part of any...
  2. ZyroXZ2

    The Wii U "Five" Smash Bros Tournament!

    I think the title says all it needs to say! AND, it has PRIZES! :D 1st place: $20 eShop code 2nd place: $10 eShop code 3rd place: $10 eShop code Good luck if you join, full details in the video below! Note that the codes I buy are restricted to NA systems, and there's nothing I can do about...
  3. ZyroXZ2


    Yes, really this time... :D I got myself the Batman Limited Edition PS4, and I know I paid $50 for a dark silver paint job, but I DO like Batman, so other than swapping out the faceplate with a friend to complete its Batman-ization, it's a nice touch. It doesn't match the rest of my systems...
  4. ZyroXZ2

    FAST Racing Neo - A Chance to Pick Their Brain!

    I had a chance to pick Manfred's brain on FAST Racing Neo! Here you go, copy-and-pasted! - Jason (ZyroXZ2): FAST Racing Neo, of course by its name, is all about speed. You also emphasize that the Subsonic League is the slowest speed during the Treehouse gameplay. Yet, I saw a lot of running...
  5. ZyroXZ2

    Happy Easter!

    ... from Toad! Yes I know my custom amiibo sucks, lol
  6. ZyroXZ2

    I Finally Got One!

    I couldn't pass up a good deal, so I am excited to join the cool kids!
  7. ZyroXZ2

    Hosting a LIVE Mario Kart 8 Tournament w/ REAL PRIZES!

    Hello folks! Today seemed to align perfectly in favor of Mario Kart 8 with the DLC packs, and now me getting the go-ahead to hold a LIVE tournament at the Tech Museum! The details are forthcoming, as we're planning the prizes and their values out at the moment, as well as the sign-up methods...
  8. ZyroXZ2

    Got a question for you guys(/gals?)!

    I'm really only posing this to forums that have shown support for my talk show, so here goes... If I do expand my talk show to include another console, would you guys prefer it be like the "PC Game Reviews" section is now, and just be a "side" section, or create an entirely new channel? Let me...
  9. ZyroXZ2

    Perhaps I'm just a confused individual...

    ... but am I just not seeing the "Forums" link at the top of the homepage anymore? I'm looking at it in desktop form, and the top has some odd links, like "Transactions" and stuff... What's going on? If I hadn't bookmarked my own talk show thread (I know, right?), I wouldn't have been able to...
  10. ZyroXZ2

    Mario Kart 8 - Mercedes GLA Commercial + DLC

    You guys are seeing this, right? I see the fun in this, and wonder if other car manufacturers will jump in. Ferrari? Pagani? Haha :D
  11. ZyroXZ2

    The... Fourquel(?) of "Why, Why, Why?!"

    Fourth Episode: Updated 8/6/14 Phew, I busted my ass trying to get this one out on time, hope you enjoy it! Third Episode: Updated 7/9/14 Took awhile, got very busy, but the threequel has arrived...
  12. ZyroXZ2

    Mario Kart 8 Event!

    Hey folks! I had mumbled the hopes of doing a Mario Kart 8 event myself, and I've gotten confirmation that it's a go! I'll be doing yet another event at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA (some of you already know I've done the event a couple of times now), but this time it's all...
  13. ZyroXZ2

    My Gamepad Is Ready For Mario Kart 8. Is Yours?

    This is actually just a prototype. I've adjusted the draft to have the following: - slightly decreased brightness - increased saturation - slightly increased contrast - increased resolution - marginally larger Mario Kart 8 logo What I'm really thinking about is doing this as a giveaway on my...
  14. ZyroXZ2

    Want to come see me?... Again?

    As some of you know, I had posted that I was going to do a Wii U event at the After Hours program of the Tech Museum of Innovation over a month ago. If you missed that event and the recap, allow me to fill you in: Some of you said you'd have come if you knew, soooo... I'm doing it again, and...
  15. ZyroXZ2

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Review) | ZyroXZ2

    Welcome to a channel that welcomes you with open arms! No no, it doesn't matter what systems or games you play, you can come here and enjoy any of it, or all of it! ;D This thread will maintain a rolling 3-video log, enjoy! The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Review) Street Fighter V...
  16. ZyroXZ2

    Wasn't able to reset my password until now!

    I had tried to reset my password after the Xenforo platform switch, but the link in the email would normally take me to a page that "cannot be found". Looks like it works now, but I thought I'd report it in case there are others out there suffering the same fate! Somehow, though, it worked...
  17. ZyroXZ2

    What is Retro Studios REALLY up to?

    Having posted my video review of DKC:TF just yesterday, something occurred to me that I wanted to mention... I sat through the credits, and watched them roll in their entirety. This game had a rather small staff. With Retro Studios being rumored to be closer to 100 employees, I can't help but...
  18. ZyroXZ2

    Want to come see me?

    I'm bringing my Wii U to the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose! Yup, you heard me If you're in the area, and want to come play games with me (and get caught on camera), come on down! There's also a giveaway posted on my YouTube *wink...
  19. ZyroXZ2

    Why I Support Nintendo

    I know external linking is a trashy thing to do, but copy-and-pasting the entire blog I wrote earlier today on IGN in here seems to cause some odd issues... Regardless, I took some time to digress from my usual humor and put my mind out there a little, so people get some idea behind my thinking...
  20. ZyroXZ2

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new here! I also don't know how to update my avatar or signature, lol... I'm also hoping to get some feedback on my talk show, but I don't want to be seen as advertising, so I'll spend some time getting acquainted with the forum for awhile first :P