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  1. Socar

    3DS Direct Confirmed for 1/9/16!

    A dedicated 3DS direct is coming for 1st of September! About time too! was getting really dull without any news from my buddy Nintendo!
  2. Socar

    New professor layton game revealed

    So the game stars Layton's daughter who is basically like Layton but more of the young side. Its coming out both on 3DS, ios and Android. My first reactions were that its a bit jarring to see a...
  3. Socar

    Sonic Mania

    A new Sonic game called Sonic Mania is coming out next year. I am excited for this because its giving back the glory times of Sonic or what he used to be. The music so far is amazing, love its smooth animations and its visuals and gameplay wise, its identical to that of the classic games! So...
  4. Socar

    Satoru Iwata year on legacy

    So its been a year since the tragic passing of my favorite executive producer.....Satoru Iwata. Now I already posted everything about this man in my blog so if you want to know my thoughts and my sadness, you can see it here...
  5. Socar

    NX confirmed to have physical media So atleast now, we can say goodbye to digital only releases!
  6. Socar

    Nintendo shareholders 76th meeting

    So a lot of info is revealed in the shareholders meeting and here it is. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. Socar


    I'm Socar and I'm a big fan of Nintendo and I dream of making games exclusively for Nintendo someday. ....I'll be frank, whatever forums I go, my opinions are often flaked about Nintendo and just recently, I got banned for some reason. I can only hope that this community can only take my...