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  1. Koenig

    The"Your pet peeves" Thread

    The premise of this thread is simple: Share one of your pet peeves per post (or how you feel about someone else's pet peeve if you feel like it). As always, remember to keep it mostly civil, and have a good time! My pet peeve: People who don't use their turn signals while driving.
  2. Koenig

    Change one thing about a game.

    If you could change just one thing about any game you have played that you think would make it better. What would it be, and why would you change or implement it? Please list the title of the game you have in mind, followed by the change you would implement and why you think it would improve...
  3. Koenig

    Metroid General

    Welcome! This is the Metroid General thread, where anything Metroid is welcome: Playthroughs, Stories, Favorites, least Favorites, speed runs, thoughts on the series &/or games, and Metroid discussion in general. Well, what are you waiting for? Your mission starts now!
  4. Koenig

    Discussion Thread: TLoZ: Breath of the Wild

    This thread is dedicated towards the general discussion, praise, and criticism of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now that the game has been out for several months and the majority of us have had a chance to thoroughly dig into the game and experience its content, lets share our...
  5. Koenig

    Favorite text based story methods?

    I am planning on writing another article in the near future regarding text based dialogue in video games and the interesting ways it can be implemented. Before then however, I wanted to hear from you guys to see what methods or techniques you have enjoyed or noticed in various RPG's and action...
  6. Koenig

    The Wish List: Monster Hunter

    Welcome to the wish list; a place where you can share your wants and wishes for an upcoming product or sequel as well as discuss and compare them with others. In celebration of the latest in entry of the series, this months thread is dedicated to the Monster Hunter franchise, Capcom's long...
  7. Koenig

    Are you Disappointed in Nintendo?

    Are you Disappointed in Nintendo? If so, why? It's a simple question but one I have been asking myself and others with increasing frequency for the past few years. With recent choices in particular I have been asking myself this question with even greater frequency, so I think it is a bout...
  8. Koenig

    Wish List: Paper Mario

    Welcome to the third (or is it the fourth?) installment of Wishlist! This time our wishlist is for the next Paper Mario game; whether that be Color Splash or the game after that, we want to hear your thoughts about what it is you want to see in the game! Please do share your own thoughts...
  9. Koenig

    Favorite Zelda "components"?

    For the sake of empirical data and to satiate my own curiosity, please share your favorite components from any one of The Legend of Zelda games. What do I mean by components, you might ask? In this case components refer to the individual design choices that each game uses; Gameplay, Style...
  10. Koenig

    What is your personality type? (Myers/Briggs)

    For the sake of better understanding our fellow TNE users, why not take a Myers/Briggs test and share your results? Along with how accurately you believe they compare to yourself? ENFJ's @mattavelle1 @sjmartin79 ESTJ's @Aki ESTP's...
  11. Koenig

    Class project: What comes to mind when you see...

    I am gathering data for one of the assignments in my marketing class this semester, and I am hoping that my fellow users at TNE won't mind helping me out for a bit. Please look at the image in the spoiler tag below and share what thoughts come to mind when you see it. Ideally, post the first 3...
  12. Koenig

    The Wish List: The NX

    Welcome to the wish list; a place where you can share your wants and wishes for an upcoming product or sequel as well as discuss and compare them with others. This weeks thread is dedicated to Nintendo's upcoming third pillar: The "NX". While not much is known about the system other than that...
  13. Koenig

    The Wish List: Splatoon (V2, the old one got nuked by site downtime)

    Welcome to the second pilot of the "Wish List" (The last one was a casualty of forum down-time) The wish list is meant to be a series of threads dedicated to existing, upcoming, or sequel games in which players can talk about what content or features they would like to see made part of the game...
  14. Koenig

    The "Dream" Journal thread

    This is more or less a running tradition my friends and I have been doing for a while now, so i decided why not make it a tradition here to? This thread is for keeping a record and sharing the bizarre experiences otherwise known as your "dreams". I think it safe to assume that most of us have...
  15. Koenig

    The Pokémon Thread

    Simply put, anything Pokémon related is welcome here!
  16. Koenig

    What is your favorite Nintendo controller?

    What is your favorite Nintendo controller? What do you like about it over other controllers? And is there anything you dislike about it that could be improved? (Please note that 3rd party variants and controller revisions are also welcome)
  17. Koenig

    Project "FPS Party"

    The following thread is a collaborative mock design document for a first person shooter that would meet our ridiculous standards. While this is only a mock design document, anyone is welcome to contribute to the thread and bounce their own idea's or thoughts on the current design. "FPS...
  18. Koenig

    Five anime sins

    In case the title did not already give it away, this blog is about anime (And with that I can sense half of you leaving already) A lot of people consider anime to be a completely different breed of entertainment, and to some extent they are right; however I personally don't care whether a show...
  19. Koenig

    4 little things publishers can do to earn my respect.

    Video Game publishers are in an interesting spot; it is through them that some of my favorite games and content come, however it is also through them that much of the anti-consumer policies are born and propagated. Publishers hold both a place of admiration and disgust in book. I could go on...
  20. Koenig

    Project Steamlords

    Project Summary: "Steamlords" is a pet project of mine to create and finalize a steampunk-themed science-fantasy for later use in art, writing, and other forms of media. The project is set in Victorian re-imagining of the late 19th and early 20th century. The continents and countries within...