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  1. nerdman

    Mario Kart 8 DLC Countdown: My Top 10 Tracks

    In 10 days the new DLC comes out and we will say goodbye to 150cc forever. Its a been a good run. In its honor, I have compiled my ten favorite tracks. I and @LightsaberBlues will team up to show a video every day until we can bask in that 200cc goodness. Number 10 - Donut Plains 3 (SNES)...
  2. nerdman

    Have you ever screamed for real?

    I have. When I was in 8th grade, I was racing my friends on four-wheelers. I'm a bit competitive, and I cut my friend off dangerously... perhaps too dangerously. All my attention is focusing on not crashing into my friend and I don't. When I looked forward again I was heading straight into...
  3. nerdman

    Have you ever gone to the movies by yourself?

    One of my friends called me weird for doing this. Would you ever go the movies without someone? What about eating at a restaurant by yourself? I've done that too. #noonelovesme
  4. nerdman

    Cue rocky montage [Fitness Thread]

    Welcome to the NE Fitness Thread.In this thread we turn a bunch of soft flabby gamers into fit healthy gamers. Use this thread for the following.Fitness and Health Knowledge Knowledge is powah! Share your workout plans, diets, recipes, workouts and all types of fitness goodness with your...
  5. nerdman

    Stylus games for Wii U?

    I think the Wii U solves many of the problems plaguing stylus based games like metroid hunters and kid icarus. The gamepad is more ergonomic, has more buttons available, and works with lefties. If these types of games are going to have any chance of becoming more popular, it's going to be on...
  6. nerdman

    Super Mario 3D World Discussion

    So let's talk about this fucking game. What I like -3D land mechanics-4 Players-Peach-Slightly different abilities What I didn't like -Graphics-Lack of innovative game mechanics-Underwhelming graphics-Why the blue toad?-Looks like a fucking 3DS game What do you guys think?
  7. nerdman

    Good third party support = competition's third party games?

    If Nintendo continued to secure third party exclusives like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta, and Monster Hunter, but didn't get near all the big third party titles on other consoles, would you still consider the third party support to be bad?
  8. nerdman

    The 3D effect is more like HD than motion controls or dual screens.

    It's a nice visual feature, but I don't think it effects gameplay nearly as other consoles under Iwata's helm. Super Mario 3D Land is the only game I've played where the 3D effect is integral for gameplay, and that's only for a certain parts that use tricks with the camera angle. I play the...
  9. nerdman

    New Super Mario Bros U Discussion

    Picked this game up a few days ago. I am really enjoying it. I just played a challenge where I had to speed run the first level. The level design amazes me. The first level does a good job introducing new mechanics but it is also very well designed for speed runs. There is one part where...
  10. nerdman

    What's the deal with tier list?

    I have played many competitive games where the community had produced a tier list. Whether it was Pokemon or Street Fighter, there were always people that took the tier list as gospel and others that thought tier list were absolute waste of time. So what do you think about tier list? Are they...
  11. nerdman

    How do you like aiming with the gamepad?

    I thought I would hate this, but it works out a lot better than I'd imagine. I think it works best when you can still turn the camera with a control stick. I think using DA to turn the camera and the gyro for moving the reticule is a sizable upgrade and the next best option next to IR pointing.