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    What Are YOU Listening To? - NE Music Thread

    A variety of things Another case of "thank you Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for introducing me to good music" A thank you to the ridiculous Devil-Man OVAs for introducing me to this band...
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    Official Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

    A little bit, such the older series and the second movie, which David Hayter (Solid Snake) starred in. I haven't seen them in full, so can't really say if it's worth watching; but I do think it's like one of those so-bad-it's-great, or so-bad-it's-just-awful kind of deals.
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    Official Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

    If it's anime with mature storytelling that you're looking for, I may recommend the following based on your tastes: The Vision of Escaflowne: not necessarily a "mature" show by itself, it has that qualities that adults can appreciate: a world diversified with samurai, knights, sultans, dragons...
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    My Informal Pacific Rim Review

    I love movies; in fact, I love movies so much that I would come back as a jaded movie-goer to tell people to go see a movie. And it's not a movie with morally complex themes or poetically sluggish pacing (not that I have anything against them), but a big-budgeted mainstream feature with...
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    Official Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

    I've been watching the new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series, and I absolutely love it. I think I recall someone talking about this series several pages back, and how it seamlessly integrates an 80's manga (still being serialized to this day) into a modern anime that enjoys every contemporary...
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    Shin Megami Tensei IV: The Thread

    I really want this game, but it's a tad too pricey for me. I don't know if the game is $50 by default, or if it's $50 because of all the cool stuff you're getting; but I can live without all the supplements and prefer getting the game by itself, should it cost cheaper that way. But if I do...
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    Official Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

    I began watching Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince, as I've recently grown to like the anime that were written by Reiko Yoshida (K-on!, Aria, Girls und Panzer, etc.). I can admit that the robot and alien animations looked really cool, but I didn't like the writing, and I wished the characters were...
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    Booze Enthusiast

    Glenmorangie for me. I appreciate a good malt. Though there are times I prefer bourbon on a round ice.
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    Making a giant list of movies I need to see

    Man Redline is such a great movie. It seems to be that revival of unapologetic and pull-no-punches types of anime in a generation where there are less adventurous and experimental types of anime. Though I'm not sure if I understand your "strongest love for anime as a craft, not as an art"...
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    What Are YOU Listening To? - NE Music Thread

    Hate to admit it, but I actually discovered their music from the MGS 5-reveal trailer. But I did start listening to their other songs as a result. Their music is anything but garbage, know what I'm saying? Guess they were just trying to be ironic or something, I dunno. What I'm listening to...
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    Wii U Community Thread

    It's been a long while. Seeing that the IGN Wii/Wii U Board has become a large cluster-cuss of its former self, I think I'll be chilling here more often. Discussions are a lot more constructive, and I really love how there's a section for game criticism. Btw I'm having way too much fun playing...
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    Making a giant list of movies I need to see

    I definitely agree with your bit on Spielberg -- he's a versatile director and makes very good movies without question; but his films aren't as thematically interesting as say, Coens', Scorsese's, Kurosawa's, or Scott's. If you ever have the time to check out at least one of these filmmakers, I...
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    What are your Top 10 3DS games?

    I don't own ten 3DS games yet, but I can list down the ones I really liked so far: - Fire Emblem Awakening - Kid Icarus Uprising - Tales of the Abyss - Super Mario Land 3D - Mighty Switch Force
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    Could the Videogame Industry crash again ?

    I imagine the industry crashing not by inflated budgets and the closings of studios as a result; but getting smaller, rather, and more niche with the frequency of indie-game production. Development studios will focus on making smaller and more unique experiences whether they're on handhelds...
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    Wii U Community Thread

    Damn. I've got that feeling when I trade something I wanted so much for something else that I totally needed. Spent money that I wanted to get Fire Emblem Awakening DLC and used it on film rolls that I needed for photography. I've got a spiffy SLR camera that I didn't know my family still had...
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    Trailers that get you most excited for upcoming games.
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    Official Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

    Haven't been watching too much anime lately, but Shin Sekai Yori and Girls und Panzer are surprisingly good. They're two completely different shows meant for different audiences, but they're interesting watches. And I've lost a lot of faith in current anime as well.
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    The "Engines War" : what impact on Nintendo ? How should they react ?

    At this point, it's really up to the developers if they want to use these engines and make WiiU games. I can picture Kojima making games on Wii U using Fox Engine if there is enough software taking advantage of hardware to persuade him in making the games he wants; he's shared similar plans with...
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    Smash Bros. cancelled... A comedy article

    I already posted something like this on IGN, but screw it I want people to read this. Have a good laugh and enjoy :D
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    Making a giant list of movies I need to see

    Criterion Collection has the rights to it, so you're not likely to find it on Netflix, but Hulu instead. Definitely be on the lookout on Criterion's Facebook page because they announce Free-mium weekends from time to time. There are a couple of Criterion movies that are on Netflix like...